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Please share this community to your circles and people who may enjoy it. remember, you're pay check is dependent on how hard you work. I also should not have to state that swearing is NOT permitted on this community, it never has been on any of mine

I need a test subject to test my new stunning method out

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Name: Jordan the pikachu
Age: 15
Level:  99
Species: Pikachu (mega version)
Moves: Volt tackle (brawl version), thunderbolt, hyper beam, giga impact, has MANY more, but the list would be too long, so I'll leave it at that many.
Likes: Training, traveling with friends
Nature: Brave
Favorite pokemon type: Fire & electric
Teammates: +brandon m 
Team name: LightningFlash
Allies: +Dakota Wright , +kafei the timelord Mewtwo , +brandon m , & +Dennis the Menace and Dennis the Animaltronic Pup 
Enemies: None
Special abilities: EPIC TRANSFORMATION!!! Can change into any Smash Bros. character or Pokemon, and heals all pain from previous form when changing form or reverting. Also gains other form's abilities, has inhuman speed, strength, power, and stamina, teleportation. Can also absorb electricity to add to power and heal.
Feats: can use any recharge attack without needing to recharge, survived 10 nukes to the FACE, can charge up recharge attacks
Bio: abandoned at birth, lived with a different family and found out, then left to search for real family. lived alone since, but learned that he was born with strange powers

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is selling Lightning Fighter ships
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Appearence:Like regular human with green gown,spectacles and yellow eyes.Just have a pair of green dragon wings.
Aura colour:Green
Skin Colour:Regular human skin colour
Fur colour:No,you think humans grow fur?
Eye colour:Yellow
Blood type:O
Likes:Reading,Dior and Rosa
Dislikes:Fights,Going out too much and demons.
Bio:My hometown is in Paris,at 10,I nearly drowned in a river and teleported to Gilerverado.I stayed there for 4 years with Rosa first,then Casper and finally Windia.I have went back to my hometown during a mission.
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