Where is the job list?

name: Sam Green
gender: female
birthday: January 10 1998
age: 18
religion: Atheist
sexually: pan sexual
friends: none
family: Dad and Twin sister
Job: cop

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name: kish
gender: agender
birthday:Dec 09
religion: satanist
sexually: pan
friends: none
family: mom rest is dead
species: demon
job: none
what do you look like: pic below

rules of the in real life role-play
first thank you for joining this role-play community
1. you must have a profile and must use the templet
2. you can only have one person on this role-play account (unless you are the president you have your main person who is the president and then you have another person who is not president) if i see you have another person i will delete it myself
3. must have a job ( if no job left contact me no google hangouts)
4. my may not cuss on the community ( i will kick you out if i see you have cussed in any role-play on this community)
5. also no sexual content (yes romances is allowed but no s**)
6. may not kill yours or any one else’s person @Elizbeth Blackthorn
7. if you have a question post it in the question tab ( if you know the answer to a question on the question tab please answer it it will make my life easier)
8. want to fun things as an community like having a president of the role-play and have jobs like some who excepts people’s profile and other after we get 10 members of the community we will have a president do not apply for president if you are not able to call on google hangouts
9. if you have two people getting marred you must have a wedding
10. how coins work every role play you start you get 10 every role-play you play in you get 5 (must have to at least have 5 and action 20 words for you to get the five coins) you can check on the shop tap to see how many coins you have (i will have some count them as a job)
11. you are not allowed to make more than one role play a day (if you make more the one you will not get the coins)

who wants to be president

+Aquarius Waters i would like you to please join my roleplay community if you do please make a profile under the profile tab thank you

the approver: the person that aproves of the profiles
the supper shopper: the person that calculates the coins each person has
the president: the person that makes shore no one brakes any rules
cop: kick people if they brake rules

+booda belly please make a profile

+Beautiful Nightmares i woulds like it if you please joined us here on this role-play i have a lot of fun things planned i think you will have a lot of fun

name emma
gender trans
bday 5/3/1995
age 21
religion atheist
sexually gay
friends none
family none
job owner
what do you look like: long blue hair, a tat on my shoulder, alway wearing black
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