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All the Skills you May have up to 15 Skills over all but Specialise in Support, Or Combat (Weapon and Combat Skills are Under Combat I though it was easier to put Weapon in there so you knew they are Weapon skills)
List of Skills:
-Blunt Weapon Forging
-Drug Mixing
-Equipment Appraisal
-Extended Weight Limit
-Familiar Recovery
-Familiar Communication
-Light Metal Armour Forging
-Metal Equipment Repairing
-Heavy Metal Armour Forging
-Metal Refining
-Musical Instrument
-Lock picking
-Purchase Negotiation
-Sales Negotiation
-Slash Weapon Forging
-Thrust Weapon Forging
-Tools Appraisal
-Trap Dismantling
-Wood crafting
-Battle Healing
-First Aid
-Light Metal Equipment
-Lightweight Shield Equipment
-Leather Equipment 
-Heavy Metal Equipment
-Spiritual Light
-Fighting Spirit
-Hawk Eye
Weapon Skills
-One-Handed Sword
-One-Handed Curved Blade
-One-Handed dagger
-One-Handed Axe
-One-Handed War Hammer
-Wild Dance (Claws)
-Two-Handed Straight Sword
-Two-handed Assault Spear
-Blade Throwing
-Martial Arts
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