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Ce groupe est fait pour vous donner et partager les meilleurs trucs pour dans le domaine du crowdfunding, les projets...

Je vous invite aussi à lire le guide

Un grand merci à la famille, aux amis et à tous ceux qui partages mes posts et qui aiment, qui vont visiter le site....

vos amis (et moi dans vos cercles!), partagez +1

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Introducing DRUM by TUNAI Creative, The High-Resolution Bass Enhanced Audiophile Earphone.
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#news #crowdfunding The best about crowdfunding, the new website about crowdfunding

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Hello all. Calling all the crowdfunding community. Talking of community. If you want to help pm then consider Nickey Simmons's #Gofundme #crowdfunding campaign!

Help her to raise funds for the restoration of a rural community store on the main Highway 127 (pictures included).

Nicky has over 10 years experience running stores and fast food places.

But she's been on disability for 8 years and a gas station/market that has been in business for over 45 years went up for sell.

This store has been a rural community store on the main highway 127.

The money is for purchase of the store, land and inventory to start.

As you can see, this place is in dire need of restoration!

And in doing so, it will go on to help the community and give Nicky a new purpose in life!

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I know this is a long shot but I would love to purchase my first home. My kids and I live with family. I long for a place where I can call my own and raise my kids. I work full time, so no I'm not just sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. All of my earnings go to bills, my kids medical and just things we have to have. My son has severe asthma that is allergy triggered and we live where there are dogs. They refuse to keep the dogs in one part of the house while I constantly run air purifiers in the other part of the house just so my son can have a good day of not sneezing, wheezing, and his eyes swelling. We are constantly at the doctor because of his lungs being tight and him coughing to force a breath. My daughter is overall healthy now but still has to see a cardiologist for check ups that I have to travel with her to. She was born with a coronary fistula that they have to watch and make sure it's not changing. So far we have been blessed with it sustaining and not getting bigger. She did have a heart cath at 4 months to close a hole in her heart called a PDA. It was minor and she has not had any issues with that once it healed. It would be so nice to come home and my son not have to deal with his allergy problems. This is not my home so I cannot tell them to keep the dogs out or they need to go. Sadly most of the time the dogs take presidence over my kids and I have came home and they have the dogs sleeping in my sons bed because the dog was comfortable. I'm constantly shampooing their carpet and bed and washing/changing bed linens for him as it is, so that makes it worse having to do it because a dog wants a bed to sleep in. I don't want this to turn into a rant. I would just like to get the word out and maybe get help, a share, or prayers for the situation. I love my kids more than I ever thought I would love anyone and I will do what it takes to make sure they stay healthy. Thank you in advance!! 

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Invest in The Biomass Company “ENERGY PARK MARCH, LLC” @fundable Crowdfunding Platform for the development of a Biomass power plant while showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next three years. Find out more at the link. #BiomassPowerPlant #EquityCrowdfunding #fundable #startup

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Hi all. Here is a very worthy, noble and poignant #crowdfunding campaign on #GoGetFunding that I would like to take this opportunity to knock on your heart for any help you could offer. Help to fulfill the hopes and wishes of a daughter and family of a father which is been paralyzed for almost 1 year because of his 4th stroke. And they don't have enough money to bring their father to hospital and therapy. So we hope that people with a kind heart could assist this family in raising the required amount for their father's medication and therapy. Your kind generosity will be greatly appreciated and will truly help out the most deserving of men and family. May the Lord bless you and your family abundantly for your help on this cause!

With all love and gratitude.

Rinalyn (daughter) and family.

Guys, check out the GoGetFunding campaign page now to find out more about this guy and his family and to back this cause now!

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Award winning classical guitarist Laura Husbands is recording her debut CD with your help. Please share the love & show your support!!! #LauraHusbands #classical #guitarist #debutCD #Music
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