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Hey! We started a collection of digital marketing blogs at google plus. How about learning together? :)

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Successful Copywriter!
Today on the Write Blog, our full-time copywriter Korilynn (pen name Shailynn) is talking all about what it's like to be a WAHM copywriter, and how she handles getting her writing done every day.

Korilynn is incredibly good at what she does - she can handle 10,000 words/day without a break in quality!

I've been changing up my schedule lately to get more productivity out of my day, and I've learned something myself from the tips Korilynn shares that I've been able to put into practice and see results from!

Definitely worth a read - if you're a WAHM or just a work-at-home writer:

#copywriting #contentwriting

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7 Ways to Write Killer Call-to-Actions
7 Ways to Write Killer Calls to Action     What’s the most important part of your content? It could be your call to action. A call to action does more than just direct your readers toward a certain action – it can also help you make more sales, increase rea...

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Paying for Interested, Not Accidental Visitors

   Businesses advertise online. A lot. But a vast majority of businesses don’t advertise well. At least, not as well as they could. Usually, the trouble is a hard focus on getting traffic to a website, when instead, they should focus on conversions. If you...

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Why You Don’t Have to Nofollow Good Links in Your Content
    Nofollow is a tool that was introduced in 2005 by Google’s Matt Cutts and Blogger’s Jason Shellen . The idea was that the tag could be used for the purpose of decreasing spam on blogs by instructing search engines that a hyperlink would have no bearing ...
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