Hey. You probably won't pay attention to this inferior sight. I must go. I know I didn't play a huge part in the adjust of changing something, I know my story was written with black on white, like many others' , but, I must leave the community at once. I find myself not so comfortable with the relativity you guys had build so far, during these events we've all been put on, during the silence we've all been experiencing, during the great friends we've met here, at our "system" but I need to set sail; not because I didn't enjoy my ways; nor because I had something against any of you, but because my time has come. You will be reminded in my head, as some virtual friends, who paid enough attention to me, to satisfy my hunger for occupations. I do not expect any of you, great fellows, to respond to this, but I hope you read my message with short eye catch, and get my idea. I shall come back, when I feel challenged no more, to face the consequences I must pay.. Farewell, and goodbye. Thank you, for integrating me to your "house", and sweeping my sadness away; thank you, for all you've done.

Guys, nobody has joined my clan, Snowclan.

( Open rp for all clans )
Bloodbite woke up from his bed, sensing something. The smell prevented a shadow coming from far. As he got off, he waited patiently for the undescribed person.
He took his time to clean his vision, so he started thinking from which measures this cat provides.
It was .. (...)

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm sure I'm not gonna be able to be here for a week at least. So, yeah! No more reasons at all!

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Darkstar wanderers in the Blackforest Woods, thinking how to get rid of his enemies.
Darkstar:" I.. am falling.. my power.. is fading over time.. I need.. to wake up.. my brother.. I need.. his Blood Fountain.. to restore.  cough cough My power..
As he lurks arround, a person surprises him..
( This is the lake near the forest btw. )

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Here's my intrey for da Drawing contest


Clan name: Mistclan
Leader: Cloudstar (me)
Deputy: Open
Medicine cat: Open
Medicine cat apprentice: Open
Warriors: Open
Apprentices: Open
Queens: Open
Kits: Open
Elders: Open

Location: (if you would like to have your clan's camp next to mine please comment ^^) A misty and mossy terrain located within a forest and complete with a small river bordering the territory. (hence the name mistclan)
Weaknesses: Although athletic, mistclan cats aren't usually fit for fighting, which is made up by their stealthiness and cleverness.
Skills: Since mistclan is located near a stream, the mistclan cats know how to swim. And, well since there is also a forest, the mistclan cats have learned to climb. The mist helps conceal the cats and help them launch attacks on invaders (since the cats know the camp inside out)
Prey: Small birds, fish, mice, squirrels, vole, and the occasional rabbit.
Rainfall: moderate
Weather: usually slightly foggy, but abundant prey. The mistclan cats have adjusted to the fogginess and learned to use it to their advantage.
((Note, the mist surrounds the camp and usually is not inside the camp.))

Sorry guys.i didnt know ok try two
Name : waterpaw
Clan : alone
Job : medcat
Knows : no one

(So i guess im allowed to make the clan's name?)


Here we are! Mistclan camp!

**General information**
Warrior name: Cloudpelt
Name explanation: Cloudfor his pelt, pelt because.. well, his pelt
Previous names: Cloudkit-Cloudpaw-Cloudpelt
Current name: Cloudstar
Nickname: Currently none owo
Gender: Male
Clan: Mistclan
Rank: Leader
Age: 31 moons
Sexuality: Bisexual

He is compassionate and understanding, 
He is very friendly and is the social king loves meeting new cats
He's only serious when he want to be/when he has to be 

**Personal info**
Bio: Cloudstar is a lighthearted, laid- back, kind leader. He knows when to be serious, and when to be silly. Cloudstar (unlike most of my oc's) gets along well with other cats, and enjoys being the center of attention. (Mostly) He also likes boasting/impressing others (like me :OO) Cloudstar lived a normal clan life. Except for the fact that he was pretty much good at almost everything. He became the center of attention quickly and was a obvious choice for deputy. One of Cloudstar's best friends, (that he grew up with) Robinwing/paw, was more brain than brawn, and eventually became a medicine cat, crushing any of Cloudstar's hopes of becoming mates with him. (Yes, i said him. Cloudstar is homo/bisexual and Robinwing is a guy.) Despite Robinwing becoming a medicine cat, Cloudstar still hung out with Robinwing, even though Robinwing was more concentrated with his medicine cat work. 
Likes: Exploring, kits,(<---this is rare for me to put this here) sleeping, hunting, other athletic activities (ex.climbing trees) 
Dislikes: Getting his fur wet
Hobbies: Hunting, socializing, and sleeping.
Habits: Pacing when upset, staring at something when upset/worried, concerned, etc (like the ground and etc)
Other: He has all nine lives still since he's kinda a new leader owo
Favorite prey: Mouse, squirrel,  or some kind of small bird

Fur color: Alabaster and fossil grey
Breed: Aegean cat
Eye color: Jade green
Fur length: Medium
Scars: None
Disabilities: None
Extra: He has grey spots flecked all over his fur.

Skills: He is quite agile, and swift. Also, he's pretty smart and physically capable
Weaknesses: He dislikes the water
Hunting: 6/10
Tracking: 4/10
Climbing: 6/10
Swimming: 1/10
Agility: 5/10
Speed: 6/10
Stamina: 4/10
Stealth: 2/10
Strength: 7/10
Defense: 5/10
Leadership: 7/10
Intellect: 6/10
Loyalty: 5/10
Endurance: 7/10
Patience: 6/10

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Sister(s): (Maybe i'll open up kin for adoption)
Brother(s): (Maybe i'll open up kin for adoption)
Kits: None
Other: None

**Clan relationships**
Crush: Robinwing (Might post him for adoption)
Mate: None
Apprentice(s): N/A
Mentor: N/A

Scent: Grassy and slightly herbal
Accessories: None
Theme song: Vagabond by MisterWives

(Might draw a picture of him. Right now i dont feel like putting up a picture of him >:O)

Also, I have a question. How many cats are we allowed to use?
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