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Below is Checklist of the required posts that need to be done before the community is released. Once something is completely an "×" or “•” will go by it to replace "¶." Names to those who are wish to complete or are assigned aspects of the lore will be put directly by them, like "-Bren."

If there is a particular aspect you would like to work on/claim comment below. It isn't guarantee you'll get to work on it, but 9/10 you will.

Also, I'm open to ideals and stuff. So if you got them bring them hardcore.

We will be knocking this list out section but section, starting with the Location Sections.

Thanks for your help, and please make sure to help each other out. Comment on each other's post, give out your critism etc. Even if it's just a "Good job" comment.

Current Section(s): Location - Water/Geography

Link to Checklist Synopsis:

World of Liri Checklist


• Humans{H} ~Bren
• Dweorh/Dwarves{DW} ~Bren
• Knolli{KN} ~Bren
• Elves{E} ~Bren
• Kajun/Beast-kin {K} ~Shiba

|Locations ~ Water|

¶ Llano River ~Shiba
¶ Colwy River
¶ Crimson River
¶ Chesdy River ~Kisuke
Deadfen River ~Kisuke
¶ Grey River
• Sea of Stars ~Kisuke
• Sea of Steel ~Kisuke

|Locations~ Geography|

¶ Jiddir Waste{JW} ~ Shiba
¶ Conny Woods{CW}
¶ Nymph Woods{NW}
¶ Creeton Plains{CP} ~Shiba
¶ Writhing Jungle{WJ} ~Shiba
¶ Unduzur Swamp{US}
¶ Kibuzah Mountains{KM} ~Kana
¶ Parchstone Waste{PW}

|Locations ~Kingdoms/Villages/Cities|

• Buba(WJ/K) ~Bren
• Limor (CW/H) ~Bren
• Akan (JW/DW) ~Bren
• Nety (JW/DW) ~Bren
• Divine City of Cheawold(E) ~Bren
• Esham(H) ~Bren
• Creeton (CP/H) ~Bren
• Kayford (O) ~Bren
• Lost City (O) ~Bren
• Kadon, the City of Grace (E) ~Bren

|The Bestiary|

× Orcs -Zion
× Wendigos -Zion
× Ents -Zion
× Moroi -Zion
× Polong -Zion
✖️ Goblins -Bren
× Brownies -Zion
× Boi-tatà (∆) -Zion
× Caladrius -Zion
¶ Satyr
¶ Centaur
¶ Griffons
¶ Chol
¶ Campe
¶ Tatsu (∆)
× Thunder bird -Zion
¶ Bardha
¶ Tanuki(∆)
¶ Basilisk
¶ Chakora
¶ Charybdis (∆)
× Giants
¶ Pech
¶ Cockatrice
¶ Banshee -Bren
¶ Manticore
× Panlong (∆) -Zion
¶ Will-o'-the-wisps

°Total: 29
°Link to The Bestiary:
°Link to Bestiary Entry Template:

|Terminology/Systems/Guidelines/History/Concepts/ Miscellaneous|

× Oracles{O}
× Magic
¶ Trinity of Nature -Bren
× Balance of Nature
× The Barrier
¶ Languages ~Bren
¶ Political Dependent System ~Bren
¶ Quest System
¶ Random Storyline System


In the old days of some cultures, people who committed crimes abroad were at large indefinitely and likely not to be held accountable. Remote and central authorities would extend writs for the recovery of coin and other collateral by vigilantes/bounty hunters.

In Creeton, “questing” would in fact seem a laudable front for the central government to recruit bodies for this very purpose. After all, border skirmishes occur often as populism yields internal stasis for any grand society. Lies, penury and violence pervade by all classes for their allocated resources.

So, to reward those who take part in quests and those who bring testimony of critical acts and information forth to agents/outfits of the central government, there may be a rewards system to assist their further travels. “Provimas” or “Provimillas” are essentially what Venezuela denotes as our “miles” rewards system in the US.

Here, local offices and even pontificates can abide and weigh testimony, then grant points or transpose some of the value to standard coin.

Other vendors in Liri may cater their businesses to this points system, and they too can requisition the points they accrue from customers to be transposed into coin.

Obvious problems come with retaining actual currency in ones personal carriage, so perhaps this is where we have vaulted sites located at remote places (like the Basilica at Hippo Nia Regius in Creeton which I made that up recently for an rp).

Additionally, with coin you have more certain amenities and ways of travel open to you. Trolley, caravan, river boats, junkers and cargo ships to cross seas- this system is for prompting all these ways of getting around. If one has points to present before their fees, they may even get a discount. It also then helps one to build status and reputation.

I would even create sub labels for points based on what manner of achievement or service they were dispensed for.

+Prince BrenBren +Yuuta Sαтσ +Zion Ii

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Did something interesting with the Moston River Sprites.

So my thinking is that since they reap blood tolls for a single drop, the standard of say a hippopotamus would far exceed the measure of a human drop, so to cross the Moston one has to either offer the amount of blood by sacrifice or by drawing blood in combat against a sprite, who I tender as thick hided horned equines. Anyone think that’s a neat idea?

Also contrived some bits for speaking what would be the old Kajun tongue.
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Considerable addition to bestiary?

The Weapon [working title do not use this as the arc title]

So it was a last resort weapon, made for when the balance goes fuckin' nuts and the cosmic forces are getting played by mages of either affinity, light and dark, via say uh, immortal proxies who just eat the backlash effects like nothing.

Thus, you turn on the Mage Hunter.

It's a thing, possibly humanoid, possibly some magitech centaur, is a living weapon designed to murder mages. How it does it is not important initially, just that it can fuck with the best with them and come out on top every time.

What is important is that it selects targets based on potential for magic, which means shit like, every fae, human, elf, etc if there's no major mage in range of it.

So with that, say its released, there can be scenes where a warlock or something has to decide whether to save himself via teleporting out but dooming the town he's in to slaughter, or divert the creature away to kill him and only him, but then doom some other mage in range.

To stop it, high council or whatever would have like, wranglers and such, peeps who say, are blanks with no magic whatsoever, to say the incantation of it's magically powered, or inject it with an uber sedative if it's biotech.

Maybe there's some shit where whoever activates it gets immunity to its murder sensor, or it sends an alert to every king, queen, and ruler that "THE WEAPON IS AWAKE, ASSEMBLE THE WRANGLERS" 'cause you need to stop this thing on a dime or it's over for magic progress.


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Quest Drop Guidelines

These guidelines are designed for moderation to explain how quest drops will work in the community.

Quest Drops are random quests dropped by moderation in order to provide members with incentives to role play when they might be lacking motivation or inspiration.

It should be noted that if these quest are not undertaken within a certain amount of days then they will affected the community storyline.

Quest Drop Template


Quest Drop

[Insert Name of Quest]

[Insert Description of Quest]

Starting Location: [Starting locations will be where your OCs found out about the quest. How they do it is up to you.]

Other Important Locations: [This will be all the other major locations within your quest. Locations of “minor items, important NPCs, etc.]



All Quest Drops need to be first dropped in the Quest section of the development community and receive approval before being posted in the rp community.

Members who wish to develop quest of their own are highly encouraged to use this template when planning any major quests that will affect the community.
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Starting Guide

Liri is a rpg community that is designed to make it as easy as possible for a new member to join in on our collaborative storytelling environment.

The first thing a new member should do, is copy and paste our community’s Character Template. We suggest you do this on a Google Doc so your progress is saved just in case of a mishap. The link to the template is provided below:

The most first step you should think about when designing your character is what race they will be. We suggest that you look over the race list at this point and do a brief skim of the lore so you can pick out your race. A link to all the available races in the community is provided below:

Next step is choosing your starting region. You’ll notice while reading the race lore that each race has one or two domains that they are primarily located in. While for some it is possibly to start off in different regions and locations, we highly encourage members to start in the domains link to their starting race.

After doing all this, it important to start developing your Character Concept. What are your character’s goals and ambitions? This is where you develop your character’s personality and interests. Will they be a rogue bandit, stealing from royals or a knight on an adventure to free a nation from slavery? Perhaps they will be living a quiet life in in devotion to the gods of their religion.

In this community we believe in developing well-rounded characters, so the next step for you is to come up with one or two flaws for your character. Nobody like perfect character or absolutely imperfect ones either. Everyone has fears and weaknesses. Maybe your character doesn’t let others close to them or are addicted to some drug. Your character can be generous to a fault or maybe stuck in debt because they have a gambling problem.

Next comes your skills. At this point it is important to decide whether or not you want your character to be a magic user or not. You do not need magic to survive in this community, but if you choose that pathway please know that magic comes in many different shapes and forms. Not everyone needs to be a warlock or witch. Sometimes all the magic your character needs is a ring that glows if your going in the right direction or a sword that can burst into flames.

With that, it is up to you to finish up your profile. Now all you need to do is tag moderation staff, we suggest at least six members of the staff. Please keep in mind that the owners should be your last resort for a tag. After getting approved you can happily start role playing.

Unsure what to do next? Either make or join an rp post in your starting region. Joining an role play post is simple. Most are open and you can just comment and enter the role play, but it is always polite to ask the creator of the post if it’s alright to join.

If you decide to make your own post, make sure to re-read the information on your location. This is where you establish your character. You can do this by interacting with people, and volunteering to go on adventures and quests. Help others out, start a business, and be a positive productive force (or an evil threatening menace depending on your character concept!) to the community.

Anymore questions? Looking for people to role play with? Join the Liri chat on hangouts:

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<•>•<•>•<•> Political Map of Liri <•>•<•>•<•>

Blue Stars = Orc Village/Bandit Outposts

Green Dots = Rogue/Scattered Kajun Tribes.

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<•>•<•>•<•> Geographical Map of Liri <•>•<•>•<•>

<><><><> Land Locations <><><><>

Kibuzah Mountains
Located in the north of Liri, Kibuzah is sealed off from the rest of the continent by an extremely powerful barrier.

Unduzur Swamp
Link: North of the Parchstone Waste, lies Unduzur Swamp. A haven for scattered Kajun Tribes and out cast magic users. This is where creatures of the dark lurk, and it is filled with dangerous monsters and creatures. No wonder this place is nicknamed “Baby Writhing.”

Parchstone Waste
Stretching for miles, Parchstone Waste is home to a bunch of scattered orc villages and criminals. It’s harsh climate is not as bad as Jiddir, but it does host a lot of pixies who love to play tricks on travelers if the bandits and orcs don’t get them first.

Creeton Plains
Territory of the Creeton Kingdom, Creeton Plains is full is lush and fertile land. It is home to several well known herds of centaurs and one of the most populate areas in the world.

Writhing Jungles
Known as “Death’s Door,” the Writhing Jungle is known to be the most dangerous location within Liri. Full of wildlife and other magical creatures, the trees of the jungle are 150 meters tall on average. The Kajun Tribe have claimed this land as home and none have dare to attempt to take away from them. The jungle provides its own natural defenses, some even magically.

Unnamed Territory
“The Unnamed Territory is highly dangerous, such that people rarely travel through it. The only sovereign that is attempting to claim it is the Esham Empire who is pushing for control over the reign. There are a few rare Kajun Clans here, but perhaps also something a little older if one traveled up the right stream.”

Jiddir Waste
Home to Dweorh and many basilisk, Jiddir Waste is known for its extreme temperatures. A mixture of rocky hills, mountains and goldish-brown sand dunes Jiddir Waste is also the location of the two Dweorh Kingdoms Akan and Nety.

Conny Woods
North of the Sea of Stars, Conny is home of many magical species. Hundreds of herds of centaurs and flocks of griffin claim this forest as home. It is also the home to many Dryad and nymph spirits.

<><><><> Sea Locations <><><><>

The Bren Sea
Located in between the Jiddir Waste and Creeton Plains, The Bren Sea is the most important trade and travel route in all of Liri. It is the safest and quickest way to get shipments move or to get to the other side of the continent if one needed to.

Sea of Stars

Sea of Steel

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[•]<•>[•] The Bestiary [•]<•>[•]

”You’ll find there are thousands of species within Liri. Many wild and dangerous, though there are a few that can be tamed. This post contains detailed links to our most notable beast of the land. From the lone basilisk of Jiddir Waste to the herds of Centaurs that roam through the Creeton Plains, this post is where you will find just a few of the many beast that roam our beautiful continent of Liri.”

[•] Orcs

[•] Wendigos

[•] Ents

[•] Moroi

[•] Polong

[•] Goblins

[•] Brownies

[•] Boi-tatà

[•] Caladrius

[•] Satyr

[•] Centaur

[•] Griffons

[•] Chol

[•] Campe

[•] Tatsu

[•] Thunder bird

[•] Bardha

[•] Tanuki

[•] Basilisk

[•] Coal Drake

[•] Chakora

[•] Charybdis

[•] Giants

[•] Pech

[•] Cockatrice

[•] Banshee

[•] Manticore

[•] Panlong

[•] Will-o'-the-wisps

You’ll find that not all the beast listed here have links to outside posts. This is because they all will be introduced later in the community or moderation has decided to give members the chance to encounter the beast in an rp. What the latter means is that say your rping on a quest through the Conny Woods and suddenly encounter a centaur. Only however your OCs describe that creature will be listed in the bestiary.

We are taking this a step further though. Interested in being a creature to Liri? Adding it the bestiary? PM a mod your idea with a complete template of the beast you want added and you may see I join the ranks of those above.
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