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Great article. Explains Niantic's original sci-fi themed game very well. If you aren't into the Pokemon Go themed storyline, I invite you to check it out.

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This looks like something that could be accomplished by us. 
Arduino simulator puts you in the driver’s seat of a toy car:
Animated Photo

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Making progress! Come down for the party! 
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HackADay has featured Arch Reactor Hackerspace and our planned move on their website: check it out at
Arch Reactor is the largest and oldest hackerspace in St. Louis. It is amazing to have our move recognized by a website with the sort of exposure that HackADay has!

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Come & help us to grow!
Learn more about the exciting things the educational non-profit, Arch Reactor Hackerspace (Makerspace) is doing in St. Louis, Missouri.

Volunteer to Work Days this Saturday (Dec 19th) 10am-4pm & Sunday (20th,TBD), and Tuesday (22nd) night at the Dixie Cream new building!
You are invited to come out and help us prep the new location for our move!

We have a lease and we have a budget, and so we are stepping up the build-out at Dixie to get our occupancy permit. We have a growing list of work that can be done by volunteers, and a number of days you can come out to help. Saturday we will be there from 10 to 4, Sunday TBD, and Tuesday is the Winter Solstice, so we will finish the evening with a campfire, hot dogs, and marshmallows.

Here is a list of what currently needs to get done, and more details will be available from the department heads.

Cut out Galvanized pipe
Salvage and cleanup unused pipe and fittings
Drill holes in floor for center 2 heaters
Break and Re-dope existing pipe run

Put in main trunk from the panel to the bathroom
Wire in circuits for each of the heaters
Replace Exit sign batteries

Scrape and clean out storage room
Move non-AR stuff to basement

Frame, insulate, and finish inserts for all the welded shut doors
Remove corner of the shipping office

Bathroom Curtains:
Make and Hang privacy curtains

Parking Lot:
Pull out stumps
Move concrete chunks to fill in coal chute
Move pallets to basement

Porch Latticework:
Have a few pieces, need more
Improve curb appeal

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As a fundraiser towards our move we're offering the below Star Wars Tie Fighter and/or X-Wing ornaments!

$10 - Assembled Tie Fighter or assembled X-Wing

Shipping is $4 per assembled ornament.
Pickup in person at Arch Reactor Dec. 15th, 20th or 22nd 7:00-10:00PM
Arranged pickup with members.

Payments accepted though PayPal only

Last Day to order Dec. 19th!!


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Great article and quite timely. 
Great article if you are looking to get #tshirts printed and looking for weights and styles:

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