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Name: Jack Sullivan
Age: 14
Gender: Male

House: Gryfindor (came close to Hufflepuff)
Year: Four

Larvesta (level 35) Moves: Bug Bite, Zen Headbutt, Heat Wave, Flame Charge

Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 102 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Personality: Witty, Brave, Loyal
Bio: I was born in Nimbasa City, Unova. My Larvesta hatched shortly after I was born. My parents were both ace trainers, so naturally they were targets of Team Plasma. One night, they disappeared, no one knows how, or why, but I suspect it was Plasma. I was only five... The very next night, a strange man came to me, he told me my parents were from another universe, and that I'm a wizard. I didn't believe it at first, sure there are psychics, but that's not magic. So, the man whipped out a wand, chanted some word and a portal opened right before my eyes! He told me I needed to go back, so I could train as a wizard. I couldn't leave Larvesta behind, so he let me take him. Now, it's my fourth year at Hogwarts, and I decided I could sneak Larvesta in, so we could be together. And to impress my friends.

Zach was walking through the Forbidden Forest just outside of Hogwarts, carrying Larvesta in his arms
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Name: Drake Deverell
Alias: The Boneweaver
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Abilities/Weapons: Outsiders Mark Sword and Throwing Knives
Pets: none
Bio: Drake Deverell was a boy that grew up in a district of Dunwall that worshipped The Outsider his mother beat him regularly and his father was always to drunk to care one day The Outsider came to him in his dreams and granted him his mark Drake murdered his parents and ran away from the now disease ridden district killing those who are of great wealth or those who are from a royal family often carving the victims bones into runes for The Outsider to thank him for changing his bleak life

Im running from a group of guards in Dunwall when... (open)

I'm wandering on an unknown planet when..

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Name: The Warrior
Gender: Male
Species: Protoss
From: StarCraft, Doctor Who
Age: 248
Weapons/Abilities: Psionic Blades, Psionic Storm, Basic Psionic Powers, Cloaking device, TARDIS
Pets: None

Bio: To the protoss I am known as Talvuja, but you may call me, The Warrior. I was raised by the templars of Shakuras. I trained as a dark templar, but received minor training from the high templars. However, my teacher murdered my parents right in front of me. I avenged them, however my methods of doing so made me an outlaw. After many months of fleeing, I camr across a planet know as Gallifrey. I stole a device that could travel anywhere in time and space. The locals called it a TARDIS. I decided to go back to Gallifrey one day, but it was no longer there. I now live my life as an outlaw and outcast, stealing from all who I can.

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Name: David Darwin
Age: 14
Gender: Male
From: Harry Potter, Marvel
Species: Wizard/Mutant
House: Ravencalw
Year: 4
Mutant Powers: rapid adaptation for survival (like Darwin from X-Men First Class)

Bio: I am often called a "mudblood" despite being from a pureblood family because of my mutant powers. When I first received my letter from Hogwarts I was shocked. My parents had disowned me for being a mutant, so I was living in the X-Mansion, trying to master my mutant powers. I go back every break to continue my training, but I mostly live at hogwarts. Most of the Slytherins taunt me by throwing random things at me, triggering the adaptation of a shell, and then they laugh, calling me a mutant mudblood. I never retaliate, I'll leave that to the hot headed Gryfindors.
Animated Photo

Ekulr walks through his star destroyer and activates his voice modulator

David walked down the halls of Hogwarts, heading towards his favorite class: potions, when suddenly a group of Slytherins walk up to him and start mocking him, shouting rude stuff like: "Go back to your own school, mut!"
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