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Please Join Us In Welcoming Author
Honey Bee to The Atlanta Book Kick Back
Honey Bee was born as Cynthia Ann Albert and always went by the name Cyndi. She was raised in Fayetteville, NC with an older sister by her mother. She was very athletic as well as very intelligent. Honey Bee always enjoyed writing poetry and reading about different things. Honey Bee mainly read classics by Alex Haley and books on different cultures.
As an adult Honey Bee graduated with honors from Cosmetology School and raised four children after a violent marriage.
That marriage did not keep Honey Bee down she soared on with her life and created her own company Honey Bee Ink, a Publishing and Promoting Company. She publishes her own books and anthologies that she creates with The Ink Masters.
Honey Bee creates books that people can relate to and feel as if they are one of the characters or knows one of the characters. Honey Bee likes to try different genres to write in so that she can reach as many readers as possible. Honey Bee also helps and encourage other authors to step out of their comfort zone and write in other genres. So far the ones that take her advice and has excelled masterfully.

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March 2017 release

Follow Alexa on her journey of discovery. Who she is , what she is meant to be , and the forces that set her course centuries ago.

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¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ ¸.•*¨) Awaiting Bliss*´¨
✮ (¸.•´✶ by #ElleHenry•*´¨)*´¨

Allison Jacobs, twenty something newly single career driven woman, is in search of her true purpose in life. Lonely and desolate after a failed romance she thought would secure marriage, Allison takes to the Washington, D.C. dating scene in search of that unexpected happiness. She runs into a tall dark stranger Jackson Alexander, who rescues her at a very embarrassing moment. On her quest for self-discovery, she realizes the true meaning of love, life and friendships. Awaiting bliss is a contemporary romance novel, by Elle henry. This is story about finding your happiness within yourself and your surroundings.
Amazon Preorder Link:

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Hi! I just joined this morning. Lately, I have constantly been seeing the "New Adult" label be thrown around the Internet. So, I looked it up and learned that the genre's targeted demographic is between 18-30 years old.

These last 3 years, I have spent my time blogging and managing my own website. Since I am a one-woman show, it's impossible for me to get back to writing my stories. Judging by the New Adult branding, I believe my stories would fit this category. I'm mostly a Short Horror Story writer.

Lately, I have been experiencing some technical difficulties online. My Internet connection and Mozilla keep crashing on me. Anyway, if you would like to learn more about me, check out It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns!

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‪#‎PreOrder‬ FIGHTING SHADOWS today for #99cents ‪#‎WhoWillDie‬

Only 4 more days to go! :D

Will Giselle get her happy ever after? Or will the darkness finally consume her?

Amazon links on release day!

‪#‎paranormal‬ ‪#‎darkfantasy‬ ‪#‎gothic‬ ‪#‎theshadowworldseries‬ ‪#‎giselle‬ ‪#‎antoine‬ ‪#‎alex‬

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You should know someone's story before you start to judge...available now at

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“Well I’ll give you my opinion about it, ‘cause I know that’s what you come for. You see, life is about quality, not quantity.” ~Oscar
The above quote is just one of the #amazing reasons why I loved #Karter by #ScottHildreth. This book has something for everyone, a #beautifulstandalone that will leave you feeling hopeful and appreciate the gift of love. 
************Hurry and 1-click it today!!!***********
Read about Karter, one of +Scott Hildreth​ best books ever. A standalone. Not part of a series.

About a younger smart-mouthed tatted biker chick that meets an older retired soldier dealing with PTSD and how they saved each other.
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