Just want to share with you about a great brother deacon of mine whose family is in need of prayers during this time. His name is Deacon Patrick Toilolo and his son's name is Nimo. Nimo is age 17 and is in Las Vegas Hospital with Mononucleosis and HLH(Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis)---a rare and life threatening condition. He has been hooked up to every machine but one to keep him alive and fighting this disease. They didn't actually diagnose this disease until the middle of last week because of how rare it is. Dcn. Patrick's wife, Kalala gave an update last night on his condition: Nimo's Update:
Blessings Family, Church Family, and Friends. Its Sunday, June 28, 2015 and its 11:35 pm in Vegas. Thank you to all who continue to pray fervently for Nimo. Nimo is still very sick. Not much changed today. Progress has been maintaining. But he is better today than he was 3 nights ago. He was on 3 different blood pressure medication and now he has none. He had his 1 chemotherapy cancer drug and his body seems to receive it well. Tonight he began his second treatment with a different chemo drug. He did well at first but there was complication so they had to stop the injection and recalculate and figure out what might have happened. They had to re prep his body up with fluids, blood products, supporting medications etc. and than restart with chemo cancer drug. Within the next 24 hours they will continue to monitor Nimo very closely. His heart is ok which is a blessing.

Please join us in prayers for Nimo and his beautiful family. I also invite you to share prayer requests on this page. It is important that we stand firm against the evil attacks that try to challenge our faith and turn us away from our Father.

Hi I am Deacon Herb from the Archdiocese of Newark NJ.
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