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Hello members! Due to some moderators leaving and some being inactive, it has been noted that we will be welcoming some new people to the moderator team.

What we ask is that you're friendly, able to be active, mature/level-headed, and reasonable.

For the job as a moderator, you'd have to participate in being an active member, moderator discussions, removing posts that violate rules (especially the fanart one), approving members, organizing posts (if not in the right category), and then handling disputes between community members. And always let someone on the mod team know if you're going offline for more than a week

If you're up to it and feel you could be a member here, then please go ahead and fill out the information below!

Name: (What you like to go by)
Age: (don't have to say actual age if uncomfortable, you can do a range like 15-17)
Time spent on G+ weekly:
What you're good at/Believe would make you a good moderator:

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My new phone case
Made by the amazing diabolicaldecoshop

Profile link ~

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I think that was a good decision to ship two of my OC's together

Currently, we are removing people from the group as it seems Katy Komori has gotten into the group and we're not sure how she got past us.

If you have been removed then please reapply to join and also PP me or another moderator. We will talk with you to figure things out.

We want this place to be safe for artists and want the art thieves know they're not allowed in our community.

Please make sure to contact me or one of the mods below if you have been kicked and wish to rejoin.
+Cassandra Bennedict
+Sakora Salone
+Misaki Akiyama
+Yui™ "Ɛνє"

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Important for you guys to know about this. Please keep your edits safe. We don’t want anymore people to be victims to Katy Komori.

I seriously need to draw Sapphire and her maid again(I need to find the first drawing of them first)
Ah and what do you think about my OC Miki being a couple with my other OC Sayuki?

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Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;-;

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Happy birthday to our takoyaki lover!

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Can we take a moment to appreciate his new sweater ❤️❤️
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