Whew! What an adventure yesterday. Did we bring down Metro TP? Looked like it… Did we bring down the house, as they say in theater? Not quite. But we had a great time. And boy, did I learn a lot!
First, some thanks. This would not have happened without the estimable Em Jannings, whose talents brought several characters to life, as I fumbled my way thru. You are forever a leading man in my theater!
If Metropolis Metaversum was not entirely expecting our tp overload, they have provided a most wonderful facility for building and creating. So a particular thanks to Neovo Geesink and Eryn Galen for all their help. Eryn has created an amazing portable set for us, and signs, and seats, and props… I was looking forward to showing y'all, but we'll get there! Major appreciation here.
HG Safari! Love you guys! You are the best crashers in OS. And the most fun and supportive friends an avvie can have. Thirza and crew go out every Wednesday afternoon… Join us at noon. For more info, check out the G+ HGSafari Community.
Stiofain MacTomais and The Maritime stepped up again, and welcomed us on a moment's notice. Stio also introduced me to Open Sim! Can't thank you enough. Join us every sunday at 2pm grid time for great music and amazing friends at the neighborhood pub: The Maritime Belfast on OSGrid.
And OMG All you amazing avatars, all you folks who came to support and enjoy, You are my inspirations, this play is a celebration of our lives, and I count myself a most fortunate person to have found you all.
So, come play with us! Join The CRASH! Site G+ Community, where we'll keep you informed of events, and how you can participate.
Hugs, TT

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Wednesday, Jan 11, 1:30-3pm Grid/SL/WestCoast
Today! Our first public unveiling of CRASH! The Avatar Musical.

This will not be streamed, we will be reading using Voice. So come listen. We shall be on Metropolis Metaversum grid ("Metro"), at Sandbox Neovo, look for the Gridhoppers Theater to the north-east.

This is a 'Table Reading'… me and the amazing Emil Jannings will read from the script, I'll play a little bit of the music so you get the hang of it (but it will be in Voice and sound like I'm playing thru the landline phone). And I'll tell you where I hope this will go, and maybe suggest some fun things we can do together.

Yes, I'm excited… hope you are too. It's a real long process, but this is a big first step! See you there!

The theater has a name… not necessarily the company, but the building itself. The marquee should read.


Anyone hate it? Anyone know if it's in use anywhere else? (a no-no.)

I considered Gridhoppers Musical Theater, but that seemed clumsy and more restrictive. While we are doing a musical, and that is my interest, no reason for the theater to be limited by mine.

Wed, Jan 11, 1:30pm GT. With the help of Em Jennings and Thirza Ember, we shall have our first table reading of CRASH! We'll be a stop on HG Safari, you will not be alone. So mark your calendars for this first glimpse at CRASH, The Avatar Musical. We shall be hosting this at our wonderful space in Metropolis Metaversum grid, Sandbox Nuovo. Hope to see you there.

55! Hi and Welcome everyone! And we are off! With a table reading next week, I finally have some stuff that we could use. And help I need!
First, some physical objects. In general, everything needs to be as low prim as possible, and full perm, as we will be taking it to many grids and will need to be used by many people. And since mesh can fail, and often does, let's use as little as possible.
We need urgently!
— Signs! Two of them. One, large, to serve as a marquee sign on the theater. One more, at least, to point the way at the Landing Point. It's a very large space, if you keep a low camera distance, you will not know it's there.
— Full perm, very low prim, animate-able tables and chairs for the audience. I have some up, but they have lights. We will want almost total darkness at times. However, this is a general need, not necessary for next week's table read.
We need thoughtfully:
— The theater… I have put up a 2prim rough walls and roof. It's just a model, but mostly, it needs some decorating suggestions for the outside. And possibly in…
— The Tower… I love Kahn's Tower and have used it in many of my spaces, In fact, it kinda fits my needs here, for Act I Scene 3. However, it would be incongruous in Act I Scenes 1 and 4, which are set in contemporary RL. There are a few technical issues as well, so if anyone thinks it would be fun to build a low prim convertible tower, both modern and medieval, let's chat!

I'll put my OSG avvie online in a few minutes, and she will be working at our place on Metro. Might be afk working, but it's much easier to connect when we're both online, with ims, notecards, etc. somewhat chancy across the grids if the recipient is offline.
More to come… TT

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In case you missed it, Truelie has put 3 new holiday gifts for you on Reverbnation: Cheers!, a song for the New Years' revels; 'Light A Candle', a Hannukah song; and 'Tale of a Bloody Pirate's Wife'. Go getcha some music!

53 now

Wow! 52 members! What a happy! I never imagined there'd be so much interest in doing a musical comedy about avatar life.
And while I have sent notecards to every friend in my lists, I hear from quite a few that they did not get the ones I sent if they were offline. So, if you are a friend of mine, notes were sent at the end of November, you might find them in the Notecard folder. Or not. Don't let that stop you from checking out what we're doing here at The CRASH! Site, or asking me about it. And I promise I will try to spam y'all again.

Musicals grow slow. And need all kinds of skills. Given the diverse time zones and varied outages everyone experiences, both inworlds and out, most jobs, from acting to crew, will be filled by more than one person.

And I do not want anyone to take on a job they aren't going to enjoy doing! You are welcome to join simply to be an audience member! And you do not have to join to be in the audience! We will have many open events to just watch, like our first Table Reading. YES!

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 1:30-3 pm grid time
Location to be announced

As ever, contact me inworld (OSGrid or Kitely TT recommended) or here or at ellen@tuffditties.com

Now that you have joined… I got questions!

— Who are you? I probably don't know at least half of you yet, or maybe I know you by your avatar identity? If you prefer to keep it private, let me know privately. I promise I will not compromise your identity.

— What time zone does your human inhabit? I plan on playing for both Euro and Americas time zones, and hope to get commitments from folks who need one or the other.

— What languages do you speak? I am sadly limited to American English. The Metaverse is not! I would love to have some bi-lingual actors and commentators who can bring this out. And there are some grids where English is not dominant, imagine! :-)

— What interests you? Where will you have the most fun? I will be posting a list of jobs, and the kinds of problems that will need solving. if something appeals, let us know. If you have skills to share, let us know.

Thanks! I'm sure I'll have many more questions. And you will too. Let's try to keep the communication flowing!

Hugs, TT

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truelie singing at the #oscc16   afterparty at the Maritime... talking about guess what, Crash!!
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