Is this community still active? :)

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Hey everyone! I wanted to start off by sharing something exciting to the community that I'm passionate about, GREAT STORY DRIVEN GAMES!! Luckily I ran into one the other day. Its called Woman of Xal. So far, the playable demo shows great potential for the final game. Cool cast of ladies!! I’m showing my support for the Kickstarter campaign, HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY!! Share with me any other great campaigns or similar lead heroine casts, I’ll surely check it out! 

Hey any of you guys play world of warcraft ? Looking for people to play with and me and my trans wife are making a guild in game that is lgbt oriented 

Hey I'm bi and looking for a gamer girl to game with and be my friend and maybe more who knows we will see where it goes 

Sorry if this isn't the place for this but I just need to vent to someone about this my husband who is on hormones to become female has decided that I'm not allowed to have friends so he constantly tells me that I am cheating and stuff when I'm not and he tells me not to talk to any of my friends so now I basically have no friends because of him and it's really upsetting me 

Looking for friends on consol. Psn: TrifeSay

Hello I'm a Gaymer living in Germany with my BF.
Born in Sweden.
Looking for some funny people to play CSGO or dota2 with.


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Anyone who has a Wii, you guys know that the call of duty games are still playable?

Btw my ally code: 2287-6658-8480
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We are a Gay Boy and a straight girl but please add us on PS4 if you'd like to play some Destiny, Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto with us. Our PSN names are below.


Just getting started with Elder Scrolls Online. Anyone else playing?
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