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Accent reduction

Communicating Success SLP Services Inc. provides a variety of accent programs at different levels. It begins with an initial assessment then proceeds to Tier 1, a "Quickstart to Pronouncing Canadian English", Tier 2, "Pronouncing Canadian English", Tier 3, "Pronouncing Canadian English Pro", as well as corporate options.

Accent reduction involves identifying areas in which speech currently differs from the desired accent and then changing the way the mouth, teeth, and tongue are used to form sounds. With this method, individuals are able to modify their speech to more closely resemble that of local speakers. This can help them improve overall communication, reduce frustration in conversation, and more.

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The invasion of Britishisms.

Many studies say that the best English accent to learn for business or social success and ease of understanding is a good clear British one.

In recent years though, with the availability of quality British news, dramas, comedies and music on-line and on TV - the desire to take on even more that sounds British is emerging as this article discusses.

If you want to sound as British as the phrases being adopted - you need the best tool in the business to improve the way you speak, you need Alter Accent.

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Even 1 in 5 British people seek a cleaner accent to get a job or chat someone up. 

Get an advantage, get a clean british accent here:

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Excellent article answers these questions:

What is an accent? 
Why do languages develop different accents? 
Why are the accents a particular place like they are? 
Is there a standard English accent? 
Which English accent is closest to the spelling? 
Can I change my accent?

The fast, easy and most interactive way to get one of the most respected English accents in the world is to get Alter Accent - "Standard British" from here:

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Alter Accent - Standard British, Now available for iOS, Android devices of all flavours.

For those wishing to learn a clean British Accent, long time Hollywood accent coach Dr. David Allen Stern is bringing his accent sound and style courses to iOS and Android smart devices of all shapes and sizes.

This is the fastest, most interactive and cost effective way to learn an accent respected the world over in business and personal life.

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