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Welcome to ROLEPLAY+

They're will be Fandom roleplays and if you don't see your favorite Fandom you wanted just ask me or a mod and that mod will tell me

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Name: Pinkamena Diane Pie
Quote:_"It's true some days are dark and lonely..and maybe you feel sad,but Pinkie will be the to show you it isn't that bad!"_
Nickname: Pinkie Pie
Loves:Cakes,Cupcakes, Sweets and other baking goods
Hates:Bullies,People who offend me
Friends:Twilight,Rarity,Fluttershy,Apple Jack
Best Friends: Rainbow Dash
_Will become strict when hair is deflated,slightly evil as well_
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Quote: Having problems at all, Pacifica???
Name: Mabel Gleeful
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Family: Dipper Gleeful, Stan Gleeful
Appearance: Blue shirt, rosy cheeks, brown hair, blue headband w/ powers, black skirt, sky blue makeup, beautiful(of course why xD)
Personality: Pure Evil, Powerful, Selfish, Mean, Stereotype , Unstable
Likes: Her brother, Bill, Will, Makeup, Being with Candy and Grenda, being a stereotype
Dislikes: the Pines Family
Powers: Smash or something,Maaaaagic, Blue Fire, etc.
Weapons: Her amulet
Bio: Unknown
Boyfriend: Bill Cipher( xD sorry bill)
Enemy: Pacifica

starts blushing (0\\\0)

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Quote :You can look, but you can't touch

Name: Mabel Pines

Nickname: Shooting star from bill

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Personality : Funny, kind, loving, caring

Appearance: rosy cheeks, have braces,always have sweaters, brown hair

Likes: Dipper (as brother), having fun with Candy and Grenda, sleepovers, fun, mysteries, Grunkle Stan

Dislikes:Bill, Gideon, Dipper not going home, having the worst day, classmates fighting dipper

Bio: Name is Mabel! I'm from California! I go into a summer vacation with dipper, in Gravity Falls. Meet Grunkle Stan, +Dipper Pines​, Soos, and +Wendy the Badass Couduroy​. We try to solve some mysteries. But what did happen now? There is a apocalypse, and I spend my time in Mabeland. I'm a fool for staying there. And I'll give all thanks to my bro, +Dipper Pines​ <3

Say cheese, Waddles!
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Fandoms that are in here are FNAF, Undertale, Pacific Rim, Skyrim, COD

Lol the thing I did is copy and paste from another community and sorry

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// Open for +Uncle Grillby and +Mabel Pines // Godzilla 2014 was walking through the city then he gives a mighty roar then goes in water and sees a cruise ship where +Mabel Pines is on
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Quote: " The Destroyer Of Worlds "

Name: Godzilla 2014

Age: Millions of years old; Before the dinosaurs

Powers: Atomic breath, cell regeneration.

Weakness: Neck and gills.

Home: The ocean

Personality: Brave, fierce, reckless

Gender: Unknown, assumed male

Family: Godzillasaurus

Theme: Godzilla 2014 opening movie song. 

Bio: Godzilla had slept under an island for millions of years, surviving off the radiation emanating from the planet's core. An hole somehow formed in his cavern, the ocean pouring in. But Godzilla wasn't the only creature to sleep the years away.... there was another ancient kaiju with him. Godzilla now awakened, chased after this creature in the South Pacific, following it from island to island. Destruction followed of course, but were covered up as earthquakes or other natural disasters. The chase eventually led them to the island where the atomic bomb "tests" was going to take place. The bomb exploded, killing the creature but not Godzilla. He absorbed the radioactive energy and disappeard into the ocean, not to be seen again until the MUTO incident. Their battle practically destroyed several cities, including Honolulu, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Godzilla and kaiju's are new publicly known to the world.
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Here is a pic for +Mabel Pines for her profile
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Please make a profile before you rp
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