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Applications open!

One more person untill applications open again!

From here we dont need any more mods
(Mod milestones:
0-10 people = 2 mod(s), 1 owner(s)
10-1000 = 3 mod(s), 1 owner(s)
1000-5000 = 4 mod(s), 1 owner(s)
5000-10 000 = 4 mod(s), 2 owner(s) )
Thank you
-Rain Blitzer.

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I actually wanted to kill myself, i was abused at school, my family doesn't trust me, no one in my school likes me but my friends that are also teased, exiled and abused, someday i nearly killed myself, in front of my brother, I was about to end it all... until... high school came, everything changed, I started making more friends, people started to trust me, my family still doesn't trust me, but now I've got the internet to tell my problems, as with experience, don't kill yourself, people care. So don't kill yourself because you don't think your loved, you are, all you need to do is be confident, resilient and persistent, just, live... I don't care how you live, that's up to you, and no one can change that.
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Repub and like this!! Do it!!!

Ok, we need a Community picture. If you'd like to enter, just post a 250x250 Image and you will have a chance to win moderator and your picture will be our community picture, for the mean time we will have a temporary pic.

EDIT: If there is any art you'd like to publish, please, do so!

Welcome to our community! Please make yourself welcome and feel free to ask questions, suggest things, and have fun!
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