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Spirit: Sun Wukong

Titles: The great sage equaling heavens, The Monkey King

Master: +Ellen The Witch

Class: Lancer/ Wukong can be also summoned as a berserker or caster class.

Themesong 1:

Themesong 2: The beast

Gender: Can be both male and female due to his shapeshifting skills, officially he identifies as a male.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Timeline: Ancient China: Era unknown most likely the Tang Dynasty Era.

Wish: To ascend to the heavens as a god.

Appearance: Sun Wukong is an anthropomorphic monkey with golden fur ,fiery golden eyes, his build is lean but muscular. He wears a set of golden plated chain mail shirt and armor with a black and gold plated color scheme, a phoenix feather cap resembling two white tailed ribbons at the top of his head, finger-less glove and a red flowing cape. His armor seems corrupted and has a flaming effect on the top chest to shoulder area. His face is fierce and unwieldy, when enraged his face is covered with red veins.

He can shapeshift into a human form, where he assumes an identity of "Goku" a seemingly ordinary and well muscular teenage boy with short spiky blonde hair blue eyes, tanned skin. As Goku he wears an opened white jacket that showcases his muscles,a necklace, red gloves, blue jeans and a black and gold color schemed trainers, in this form he still has primate features and a tail.

Personality: Greedy, selfish and rebellious

Abilities and talents: Stealing, acrobatics , martial arts, wall climbing

Hobbies: stealing, cosplaying, trickery

Armaments: Chain-mail Armor, phoenix cap, Staff


Strength: A 
Mana: D
Endurance: D
Noble Phantasm: A++
Agility: C+
Luck: E

Class Skills:

Magic resistance - B

Personal Skills:

Animal Dialogue - A 
Able to talk to horses

Shapeshift - A
Allows him to shapeshift into 72 different forms.

Nature of a Rebellious Spirit - C

Mystic Eyes - B

Chinese Martial Arts - A++
Master of the monkey style martial arts.

Noble Phantasm:

Ruyi Jingu Bang: Compliant Golden Pillar
Rank: A
Type: Anti-Army
Range: 30 yards
Max Targets: 100
Description: Able to extend length and size at his command, the weapon can multiply itself if needed in battle allowing the user to throw multiple staffs at their target. It is an empathic weapon that can be controlled remotely by Wukong. By manipulating nearby large bodies of water such as the ocean or a lake it can be used to create giant tidal waves. It can unleash seismic energy waves when slammed to the ground or fire multiple rapid shots of golden orbs like a shotgun.

Huo Yan Jin Jing: Mystic Eyes of Evil Detection
Rank: B
Type: Anti-Unit
Range: 50 yards
Max Targets: N/A
Description: The mystic eyes allows him to identify all forms of evil, even from afar. When activated his eyes emit a stream of red smoke.

Ǒusībùyúnlǚ: Cloud Stepping Boots
Rank: B
Type:Anti-Unit ( self )
Range: N/A
Max Targets: one person 
Description: Increases his mobility and defies gravity, allowing him to glide across the air and skim through walls and other surfaces. When he walks he leaves behind a trail of red light.



//Will add later\\

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♍ Name ♍
Virgo Shijima  

♍ Aliases ♍
The man who is almost a god
The Silent Man

♍ Age ♍

♍ Gender ♍

♍ Hair color ♍

♍ Height ♍
170 cm

♍ Weight ♍
73 kg

♍ Affiliation ♍

♍ Equipment ♍
Gold Virgo Cloth: This is the form the Virgo Gold Cloth takes during the original Saint Seiya series. The Cloth was first seen when Shaka comes to Death Queen Island, to meet the master of the Black Saints (in chapter 18, vol.5 of the manga). The Virgo Saint is the first of the Gold Saints to reveal his status. Like most Gold Cloth's original forms, it covers most of the body in a golden armor with a complete helmet. It count with highly sophisticated details making a very elegant look to the owner. Many Virgo Saints however display of habit of openly forgoing the cloth's helmet when in battle.

♍ Abilities/Skills ♍
Tenbu Hořín ("Treasures of Heavens"): Shijima's most powerful move, it is an offensive and defensive combined technique. Vairocana is showing his gesture inside Mandala pattern. It not only traps and defangs Shaka's victims, but also deprives and wipes out their five senses through Dai Ikkan/Nikan/Sankan/Yonkan/Gokan Hakudatsu (literally means "Removal of the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th senses"). Essentially reduces Shijima's victims to living corpses by stopping the main functions of the brain that allows the body to think, also called the 6th sense. The offensive power of this attack is so destructive that it can easily destroy the cloth of the opponent. Who is affected by this technique it can not attack or flee.

Ungyo: the sound from the end of universe, through this power Shijima engulf the opponent in darkness that sends in another dimension.

The Four Gates of Buddha: is a powerful ability of Virgo Shijima , with whom he created a powerful protective barrier which encases the opponent in an powerful illusion and shows the four gates that cross tube Buddha. The only way to overcome this technique is to choose one of the 4 ports. Buddha experienced pain at the gates of birth, sickness and old age, suffering in the east, south and west, before realizing he should go out the north gate, the Gate of Death, the which came become a monk.
Death Gate: When open this door, Garuda Suikyo received a huge attack power that made ​​her disappear completely cosmos of Sanctuary, falling into an endless darkness that would send him to the Underworld.
Gate of Aging: On opening this door, the older person's body instantly losing the strength to carry on.
Gate Disease: When I open this door, the person is immediately infected with a serious illness.
Door of Life: When you open this door, the person faces a passage infinite suffering, causing drift forever by the Virgo Temple.

♍ Bio ♍ 
Virgo Shijima and Izo communicates with Ox and asks them if they know the place where Athena. During this time, it is noteworthy that, Shijima is mentioned the man closest to God as the powerful Saints Capricorn and Taurus having here a relationship between the two saints of Virgo we know so far in the canon universe. Subsequently, Shijima says he feels that the goddess to worship and protect come from some distant and alien space-time, as the great cosmos of Athena approaches its dimension.

Ox and Izo still grieving and worried, because Athena was not his time to this, Shijima told not fuss and do not despair, Athena arrived without fail for battle against Hades that is increasingly more likely to become nascent.

Shijima, Capricorn and Taurus suddenly feel the cosmos of Athena is coming to the sacred shrine, and the three Saints belonging to the elite of the 88, and perceive the divine cosmos imposing its beautiful goddess, who has landed his not much less divine temple. Gold Saints are directed swiftly coming to witness the sacred with their own eyes, however, inside Shijima owns a strange feeling, a feeling not entirely pleasant. He, Ox and Izou reach the Temple of Athena, and are converted into a helpless and totally innocent drinks, a raw and humorous mockery of fate, or the gods, rather. Shijima mentions that, despite being just a baby, his gigantic cosmos is, itself one of the most powerful gods, able to measure themselves against Hades in the coming war. Suddenly, it appears the Pope says not to approach it, to return to their temples that the army of Hades is not slow in coming, despite woven malice behind these words was anything certain thought of this mysterious character.

He mentions to Taurus Ox and Capricorn Izō that he has felt Athena's Cosmo from the future, coming near to the time dimension they live in.Soon enough Athena descends to the sanctuary in a crash, the Saints hurry up to Athena's statue at the top of Sanctuary where the Goddess Cosmo impacted. There they find an infant Athena sleeping in a small crater. Shijima goes forward and is about to pick up the goddess when the Pope appears telling them to step back. As the pope picks the baby up in his arms he orders the Gold Saints to return to their temples. On the way down, Shijima senses something bad and heads back to Athena's statue, where the Pope is about to stab the baby Athena with a dagger. Shijima pulls the baby away and at the same time Pisces Cardinale appears. The Pisces Saint first questions the Pope's wrongdoings but attacks Shijima with a deadly Bloody Rose, making Shijima fall to the ground, who later recovers and flees to protect Athena. He is currently between the Pope's chambers and the Pisces temple.

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Casually makes an OC servant

"This spear will burn all those that stand in it's way"



(To be gained)


Hair color
Blonde though appears as grey for some reason

Eye color
Reddish brown

Neutral good

Strength: C
Endurance: D
Agility: A
Mana: B
Luck: E

Body armor

Class skill
Magic resistance: C
Being a Lancer class she naturally posses this ability.
Battle continuation: E
Even after being emasculated she continued her heroic deeds in whichever way possible. Even though it is not truly a class skill, her ability to continue to rise and face her opponents have allowed her to have it as such. Though it's rank is far lower due to her beginning to question her will after having to slay her puppy.

Personal skill
Riding: C
Eye of mind (False): B
After being emasculated, it could be said she became overly defensive thus evolving her instincts to this point. Even if she does not see it, feel it or hear it. She will sense it and acts accordingly with a calm mind to perform actions which would hurt the assailant the most even if she does not know what it is.

Noble Phantasm
Luin of Celchar
Rank: EX
Type: Anti-unit, Anti-Unit (self), Anti-Army, anti-Fortress
Range: 1Km
Max target: ?

A weapon of Divine nature wielded by many and even the great warrior Lugh. It became known as one of the four sacred treasures. The spear of lugh or better known as Luin of Chelchar. It a spear so powerful it is known to crave blood which is but one of the liquids used to cool the spear down as it uses poison of many species as a cauldron and to keep it from burning it's own wielder.
When activating the noble phantasm by tapping the but of her current spear. A cauldron will emerge from the ground with a pool of black liquid. Inside of the pull of black substance glowed brightly of a blue shade, a spear which screams death and holiness. When pulled out of the pool it erupts and roars flames as if a dragon coating the wielder in flames which melt all which touches it. The user is able to use this flames in all manners she wishes to.
The spear. Having bathed in poison, is extremely dangerous as the slightest cut can lead to a foolish slow death as it begins to act as a curse. Though it is possible to slow the poison down from killing it's host and even heal them. That chance is very low of which could only be performed through a miracle. Once her death has occurred the poison will vanish leaving those stung by it completely fine.
When the lance is thrown it becomes a spear which matches that of the gods such as "Gungir" and the sure to kill spear "Gae Bolg" or the spear of Ajax as it becomes a comet which burns a path through the sky leaving nothing but a sign of death as it soon turns into that of a meteor burning away all those which stood near it and destroying those struck by it.
Though the spear comes with many benefit it eventually burns or kills it's own user if it is not quenched or if it does not kill after a certain amount of time.

Battle abilities
Due to her high agility and eye of mind (false) she is easily able to dodge most attacks, even those she does not see herself coming and swiftly counter attack with sharp, precise and fast attacks which would usually lead to a fatal wound. With her riding skill it would be easy for her pick up and quickly learn how to use a vehicle though it would not let her mater it. When wielding her sacred spear she becomes a force to be recon with as the flames which are released act as protections of (against all) and prana burst (flame). With it she becomes equal if not slightly superior to even the mightiest of servant. Her spear when swung or thrust will release flames of which will surly kill if touch and with it's heat alone it may even bring one close to the gates of death. Though she does not wastes it. Using it precisely to form after images of the spear, increase the range and area of her swings and thrust, protect those within her range and even cauterize wounds if needed so. Though her greatest weapon and fear is to throw her spear. As it becomes a weapon suited to even match those of an archer and most powerful spears of god as it even burns away at the fabric of space and time leaving nothing in it's way as it fly's at the targets sure to kill body part. If one where to compare Coladbolg II and Gae Bolg when thrown it could be said to be a mix of both. Though because it has a time limit throwing it either means the end of her or her victory. As she may just die from the flames if she does not recover it soon.

Is a warrior to be feared as those who have seen him called him a "terrible hero".  He once challenged Cet mac Mágach who countered by saying he had Emasculated him using his own spear. Leaving him in his current appearance. He once came to rescue eight captive Ulster women from eight men of Ailill and Medb's household at Áth Féinne though he was better known for another of his question where he had killed  Blaí Briugu for sleeping with his wife when he had been deprived. And so he was to get rid of three menace of Ulster. One named Conganchnes mac Dedad, a warrior who could not be harmed due to his armor, the second being a dog which grew to ridiculous size and lastly his own dog. For the first he had learned that he could only be harmed by stabbing him in the foot and so he did using his spear. The second one, he used a three bark as a shield so that when the dog had dug it's teeth into it he had pierced his heart with his spear. Finally for his dog, he had called him out and it came, licking it feets. Reluctantly he kills the puppy with his own spear. And when he did so he committed suicide by drinking the blood of the puppy which had fused with the poison which covered the spear. Killing him and letting him join his only true companion of which he could never understand.
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This post is strictly for those wishing to become my master. If you are indeed wanting to then please comment below your intention please and I shall consider each proposal and once chosen I'll make a post to where you have summoned me and obtaining your mark as my master, or you can do it. It's entirely up to you.

~Note this isn't a Rp just a discussion post~
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Servant Profile

//Name// Shielder

//Real name// Mashu Kyrielite

//Age//  N/A (Looks to be in her late teens 18-19)

//Class// Shielder

//Master// +King of Heroes Gilgamesh

//Identity// Shielder's identity is Mashu Kyrielite , a Demi-Servant human fused with the Servant Galahad. She herself initially does not know the identity of the Servant fused with her.

//Peronality// Mashu is a mysterious, kind-hearted girl. She can be shy at  times but cold as ice as well.

//Appearance// Her hair is a very light almost white purple with violet eyes. As seen with a black and purple swimsuit, with an armored shirt and black gloves with purple lines. Her legs are adorned with armor plates and a black skirt with also purple lines. She is seen mostly carrying her cross plated shield.

//Abilities//Shielder carries a large cross-shaped shield as her primary weapon. And also carries a sword at her waist but draws it when needed.

Transient Wall of Snowflakes (stats N/A)

Obscurant Wall of Chalk (stats N/A)

Noble Phantasm: Lord Camelot: Fortress of the Distant Utopia.
Is a shield made from the Round Table possessed by Galahad and Shielder. It is an "ultimate protection" employing the Round Table, "where the Knights of the Round Table sat at the center of the Castle of White Walls, Camelot", in the form of a shield. Its strength is proportionate to the will power of the user, and it is said that "so long the heart doesn't break, those castle walls too shall never crumble."

Her fighting style consists of majority defense but she does do offense. Using her shield as a weapon she can use the edges to slash, cut, or break though and or pierce. She has a small sword at her waist and draws it when she deems it necessary.

(Fate/Grand Order)
Strength: B- Mana: B
Endurance: B  Luck: C
Agility: C+    N.Phantasm: B+
Defense: A

A bit of Bio: During the Grand Order conflict in Fuyuki City, Shielder encountered Cursed Arm Hassan and Benkei but was saved by Cu Chulainn. The protagonist and Shielder defeated both and entered a short skirmish with Caster. Shielder and the protagonist later encountered and fought Saber Alter, who attempted to kill both of them with Excalibur Morgan but it was blocked by Shielder's Noble Phantasm. She was considered along with Rider and Caster to be a possible heroine. As Saber is a "Servant of the Sword", she was to be her rival as a Shielder, "Servant of the Shield." She would have been an "abandoned puppy" type heroine who killed her Master during the Fourth Holy Grail War and went on a rampage, surviving into the Fifth Holy Grail War in a similar manner to Gilgamesh.

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Master Profile
Name: Luviagelita  (Luvia for short) Edelfelt
Class: Magi/Master
Servant: (None yet)

Appearance:Luvia has long golden blond hair styled entirely in large coils. She physically resembles Rin somewhat, furthering speculation that the younger Edelfelt sister from the Third Holy Grail War may have married into the Tohsaka family. Similar to Rin, she wears ribbons in her hair. In contrast to her rival, Luvia's signature colour is blue; she wears a long blue dress with sleeves that are easily detachable for combat purposes. Her bright blue dress was reminiscent of the colour of the sky. A ribbon of the same colour kept her golden-blonde hair in ringlets, and in her hand was an ivory-handled parasol.

Personality: As long as Rin Tohsaka is not nearby, Luvia's attitude is always graceful, never blaspheming and displaying a beauty similar to that of a swan. Of course, that is all just a facade; as she is actually very competitive and suffers from perfectionist tendencies. Although wealthy, Luvia does not tolerate excessive spending. However, she knows that such spending of money is meaningful because aristocrats are aristocrats. She understands that commoners do not have good views about the aristocrats, but loves them strongly because she understands them. She accepts that her fate is to marry a high-class gentleman of noble birth, but her personal tastes are more towards a simple man. She has a high elitism attitude as a noble and has always seen others from above. Luvia couldn't help loving professional wrestling deeply.


Jewel MageCraft- is the type of thaumaturgy involving transferring magical energy into jewels to use as limited use Mystic codes. Once Magical Energy is embedded into a jewel, it will be tinted by the mystical properties of the stone, and the magus can then use that power whenever and in whatever way they find necessary. A specific example would be the topaz, which has properties that makes it optimal for anti-spirits tasks.

Gandr Shot- is a simple curse originating from Scandinavia, decreases the physical health of the target. Because the curse properly said is released from the caster’s index finger and the target must be within the field of vision to be aimed at, it is dubbed Gandr Shot. A Gandr with so much Magical Energy concentrated into it that becomes capable of physical interference is called Finn Shot. The Edelfelt  are among the best Gandr-users in the world.

Training- She is also trained in the England-original Lancashire-style of martial combat (which is quite similar to pro-wrestling) and received the nicknames of "Hunting Dog of the Ring" and the "Forklift Lady" for it. Usually wears a blue dress, the sleeves of said dress are optional attachments that can be easily and quickly removed in times of battle.

Background: Daughter of a distinguished lineage of magi, the Edelfelt, Luviagelita is their young and talented family head. As a student in the Clock Tower, the Mage's Association academy, she is one of the candidates for the position of student president for the current academic term. She also has an intense rivalry with Rin Tohsaka but later on learns to get along with her as she battles along side her from time to time.
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(Open to Heroic Spirits and my Master.)

(Anyone else who's interested. this is where it could all begin. I ain't picky.)

The sensation of prana that surrounded his body. The malevolent chill and agony that slithered through him as magic danced all through his form is something that no summoner would be able to escape from. It was expected however and he paid the pain no mind as he began the ritual.

A circle was inscribed upon the floor, created from a silvery dust from his treasury, part of his own blood in the center (as much as it could be considered blood), and the melted remains of a select few Noble Phantasms to serve as a trim around the main circle. He knew how the ritual worked, but summoning a Servant of his own was something he was interested in actually performing now.

"Let silver and steel be the essence.
Let stone and contract be the foundation.
Let red be the color I pay tribute to.
Let rise a wall against the wind that shall fall.
Let the four cardinal gates close.
Let the three-forked road from the crown reaching unto my Kingdom rotate."

Gilgamesh started, his prana reserves from his current Master, +Hakurei Reimu, acting up now. He himself wasn't a true mage, but given the excess amount of magical energy he received from his Master, this was likely to be a joint operation... though unauthorized really.

 "Let it be filled. Again. Again. Again. Again.
Let it be filled fivefold for every turn, simply breaking asunder with every filling."

He was smiling as a wave of energy could be felt emanating from the circle. Whatever Heroic Spirit would appear from it, he could care less about who it would be. Adjustment to parameters are likely, but to have a familiar of his own would be interesting to behold.

The actual incantation was really just a guideline, and he had modified to allow for a bit of openness in breaking the rules.

"Come, listen to the voice of the King of Heroes. Whoever answers, and however many of you there are, you shall share in the glory that lies ahead." he declared, the raging gale surrounding him as the summoning ritual reached its zenith.

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Name: Medusa

Gender: Female

Titles: Bewitching Black Serpent

Likes: Alcohol, Reading, Snakes

Dislikes: Mirrors, Measuring height

Talents: Horse riding, Acrobatics, Stalking

Personality: Rider is silent, sultry, and vigilant, never hesitating to shield her Master from harm. She is always faithful to her Master, even with Shinji acting in that role most of the time. She is not openly talkative, and she prefers to analyze people and their actions. She is very protective of Sakura and willing to sacrifice herself for Sakura's happiness. She is very logical and she doesn't act out of anger or instinct.

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 126 lb

~Stats (Down below)~

Spirit: Medusa

Class: Rider

Master: +Levant Crawlings

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Possible Classes: Rider, Archer, Berserker, Caster

Strength: B
Endurance: D
Agility: A
Mana: B
Luck: E
N. Phantasm: A+


Rider fights with a low-risk and high-return type of warfare that isn't fixated on the methods used to win. She fights mainly with a Nameless Dagger in close combat that is more likely to be called a "nail" rather than a "dagger." It is attached to a long chain that can restrain and immobilize targets that she pierces. It is not suited to short-range battles, instead best utilized as a thrown weapon from a distance. It is not a Noble Phantasm, and while its origin is unknown, it is thought to be a weapon that reflects her inner character. She boasts outstanding speed, moving like a bullet and racing around the battlefield. She is faster than Lancer in terms of average speed, but he will surpass her in immediate maximum output. Due to her nature as a Gorgon, she has a monster alignment that may make fighting battles against monster exterminators, such as against an expert like Lancer, tough for her. While she is normally blindfolded, she perceives the world through hearing, touch, smell, and magic-detection to have an even more precise outlook than with sight. She is a unique Heroic Spirit who displays a great variety of skills and Noble Phantasms that are particularly high numbered even amongst other Servants, all of which are traces left from her time as a goddess. Due to her status as a former earth goddess, she has a strong connection to the earth, sensitive enough to its state to be able to sense disturbances in Fuyuki's leyline. Due to her contract being passed to Shinji, her abilities are lowered, and she must seek out alternative means of magical energy. While she takes blood for the most part, she is not a Dead Apostle, but rather a bloodsucker whose most efficient manner of gaining energy is through drinking blood. Her main offensive Noble Phantasm is Bellerophon, which allows the Pegasus to use an extremely powerful charge that resembles an arrow of light. She also has use of Blood Fort Andromeda, a Bounded Field designed to collect life energy from whoever is inside. Once it is set and activated, it can instantly liquefy any normal humans inside and convert them into energy. Breaker Gorgon is another Bounded Field that seals the target inside the user's mind. She mainly uses it on herself in the form of a visor to seal her Mystic Eyes. Cybele, the Mystic Eyes of Petrification, are Rider's Mystic Eyes, said to be a "curse of the gods sealed by the powers of shrines." Though petrification sorcery is no strange thing for modern Thaumaturgy, even if its users are rare and few in numbers, Mystic Eyes capable of petrifying others are something that nobody, human or not, possesses in the present era. They are designated as Jewel under the Noble Colors system, which surpasses the Gold-ranked Eyes of the Dead Apostles and are exclusively possessed by Holy Spirits and Magical Beasts from the Age of Gods. Their nature is strong enough a mystery that Shirou mistakes the identity of Breaker Gorgon as the eyes themselves. The eyes, almost too abnormal to be called eyeballs, are gray with an appearance similar to crystals. Despite their abnormality, Shirou believes that they are too beautiful for any human to possess, and could either be art the gods admired or a nature they cursed. The corneas do not take in light, and the pupils see the world through a square. The irises are solidified, not allowing the eyes to close, and the millions of cells that make up the retinas are composed of the Sixth Imaginary Element. It affects all targets within the owner’s field of vision, regardless of whether said targets are looking at the Eyes physically, or if they have their eyes closed but continue to view her with their mind's eye, as it is a curse to look upon her in any way. The only way Perseus was able to avoid her gaze was by utilizing his mirror shield to find her location without looking upon her at all. Those who possess Rank C or lower in Mana will be immediately petrified, while those with Rank B may or may not be affected depending of the conditions. Those with Rank A or higher won’t be petrified, but will sustain "pressure" from the Eyes and receive a one rank-down to all parameters. The entire body of the target will be affected, including clothing and weaponry, "killing them while alive" as they are turned to stone. The ability is viable in petrifying a group of enemies, but it would not be useful against an infinite number like the horde of shades spawned by Avenger. The amount of energy it uses is comparable to also fighting them off with her Noble Phantasms, so it would quickly drain her faster than simply fighting them off in melee combat. When Archer, with Rank B Mana, is affected at close range, he instantly feels the effects. He is immediately is frozen in place, unable to close his eyes or cover them with his arms even if he wanted to do so due to being unable to move either in the slightest. He tries to charge at her afterward, but his legs are already petrified up to his knees at that point. He is petrified up to his waist only a moment later before the effect is canceled. Shirou and Rin feel the effects instantly when targeted further away, barely or unable to move as their blood starts thickening. It immediately starts solidifying the flow of Shirou's body and ceasing his senses. If he tries to run at her, his body is instantly turned to stone, and his mind swiftly follows. He is only saved when Sakura acting up causes Rider to cease her activity. She is unable to control them in any manner on her own, requiring the use of Mystic Eye Killers like Breaker Gorgon or the glasses and contacts she later replaces it with after the Holy Grail War ends. Knowledge of the eyes render further attacks less potent, but it is not enough to allow Rider to go without Breaker Gorgon in their presence. Repeating the initial surprise effect would be impossible, making it possible to act without going completely numb and causing the effect of the petrification to go at a slower rate. The effect will be magnified again should the person's guard be let down. It is possible to cancel the effect if it has not reached a certain point by closing her eyes. In the case of a lessened effect like when Shirou accidentally walks on her bathing, it starts to spread up his legs and is too far gone to simply close her eyes, but she is able to cancel the effect by sealing them with Breaker Gorgon. It takes some time for the petrification to recede, and she mentions that it would have been bad had it affected his heart. With her Riding skills, she can ride on animals and vehicles, allowing her to mount creatures on the level of Phantasmal Beasts and Divine Beasts. She uses an unlisted, innate ability to bring forth the Pegasus given to her by Poseidon, initially thought by Shirou to be her main Noble Phantasm. It actually lacks any sort of name, and it is treated much in the same manner as her dagger. Having remained since the Age of Gods, its abilities are far beyond those of a normal Pegasus that would only be limited to the strength of a several hundred years old Monstrous Beast had it been one of the few remaining Phantasmal Species from the current age. Increasing in strength as it has lived, it has the strength of a Phantasmal Beast far beyond something like Invisible Air that could defeat a normal Pegasus. If left without the ability to readily use a strong Noble Phantasm, it easily overwhelms Saber and leaves her in a position to only bide her time and wait for a mistake on Rider's handling. Its strength is nearing that of the level of dragons, the strongest of the Phantasmal Species, and its defense has already reached that level. It is made of enough energy to have come from several hundred magi, and constantly emits it while it flies. It is a divine mystery with magical protection even greater than that of Saber, who displays the strongest resistance of the Holy Grail War, allowing it to easily brush past all thaumaturgy without issue. Not needing to halt its charge against anything, it is much like a giant castle wall crashing down on the opponent and leaving them no method of dodging or defending. Too powerful to defend against, even the trail of its charge is enough to damage a Servant. It destroys its surroundings just by moving, scorching the area around it. The buffets from its wings are capable of generating massive shock waves, which raze infrastructures and lacerate the bodies of living beings. Despite displaying this overwhelming ability, it is a docile being unfit for combat. For it to truly attack, she must use Bellerophon to compel it. It is brought forth by slashing her neck with her dagger, allowing the blood to spray out and stop in the air to form a magic circle. The circle, which displays a creature-like figure, swells with a large amount of magical energy that makes up the Pegasus, far surpassing Blood Fort Andromeda. Pegasus then emerges from a giant eye bound by blood, and she can either immediately mount it to use Bellerophon right out of the summoning circle or have it fight for a time before strategically using it. Once in the air, she can constantly attack the enemy and move from their range without coming close to the ground to leave them bereft of any method of counterattack or form of pursuit, but its speed would make it impossible to catch even with a method to follow it. Preparing her final strike, she can use Bellerophon at any time to cut all of the its limiters. Rider likes the recreational use of bicycles, but suffers from the fact that she endlessly accelerates to the point of breaking them. Even for a "granny bike" like the one used for shopping at the Emiya household, she could easily ride it at 100 km/h when it is only meant to peak at 20 km/h. She yearns for a racing bike like that belonging to Shirou that can allow her to reach even higher speeds with its gear system, wishing she could use Mana Burst to help with its control. If utilizing a motorcycle, she can match up against Grand Prix motorcycle former champion, Wayne Gardner.


Medusa specializes in close combat, taking advantage of her high Agility and Monstrous Strength. Her weapons of choice are chained daggers. While quite lethal, they are not Noble Phantasms, so it is difficult to deal critical blows with them when fighting Servants. Medusa excels in a fight using Noble Phantasms. She can annihilate many enemies at once using her anti-army Noble Phantasm Bellerophon, which requires an enormous amount of prana. Additionally, she has several methods of attack that can be adapted to a wide variety of situations, such as Blood Fort Andromeda, which can close off a targeted area and dissolve the humans inside to obtain prana, and Cybele which is normally sealed beneath her blindfold.

~Class Skills~

Magic Resistance: Originally a Greek goddess that turned into a monster, she possesses extremely high Magic Resistance. The Magic Resistance ability that the Rider class possesses is weaker than that of the three knight classes, but the fact that it remains so high is thanks to Medusa's inherently high Magic Resistance. Her easily nullifies spells of three bars or less. It is also difficult to damage Medusa with even high thaumaturgy and grand rituals. Moreover, Medusa herself is skilled in sorcery, so she has countless ways to counter enemy spells. In other words, Medusa is excellent at fighting magi. Backing all that up is her Agility. Even with powerful spells, it is extremely hard to hit Medusa who will keep moving at high speed.
Stat: B

Riding: As might be expected of the Servant Rider, Medusa posses a high rank in the Riding ability. But instead of covering only specific animals and vehicles, her ability extends to nearly all beasts, including Phantasmal Beasts and Divine Beasts. However, even with an excellent Riding rank, she cannot ride dragons. The steed that makes best use of Medusa's Riding ability is the legendary winged horse Pegasus. Mastering a winged horse of the Phantasmal Species is a difficult accomplishment even for Rider-class Servants. When riding the heavenly mount that was born of her own blood, both rider and steed move as one. When the Noble Phantasm Bellerophon is used, all of Pegasus's abilities are drastically increased for a limited time. Even in the story, this combination was able to toy with Saber by attacking from the skies, forcing her into a difficult battle.
Stat: A+

~Personal Skills~

Mystic Eyes: Eyes that originally function to collect visual information are instead a method to impart magical effects upon a subject. Medusa possesses the Mystic Eyes of Petrification "Cybele", which are Mystic Eyes of the highest order. As in her legend, subjects caught in her vision will be petrified if their Magic Resistance is C or lower.
Stat: A+

Independent Action: The ability to materialize independently. If the Master is lost (or if the contract is nullified), Medusa can continue to materialize for one day. Since Medusa can also obtain prana by drinking blood, she can prey on humans as the situation demands and extend this duration.
Stat: C

Monstrous Strength: Medusa has this skill due to her property as a monster despite being a Heroic Spirit. If used, she can temporarily magnify her Strength. This is a necessary skill to Medusa, who does not fight with Noble Phantasms in close combat. It has many uses with her chained daggers, such as forcibly dragging an impaled opponent around.
Stat: B

Divinity: In Greek mythology, Medusa was once a beautiful goddess, so she originally has very high Divinity. However, because she later became a monster, she is an unusual being possessing the "monstrous" attribute that is antithetical to normal Heroic Spirits. Thanks to this, Medusa manifests as both a goddess with Riding, and a monster possessing Mystic Eyes, Monstrous Strength and so forth. Nonetheless, her aptitude as a goddess Divine Spirit is mostly degraded.
Stat: E-

~Noble Phantasm’s~

Breaker Gorgon
One of Medusa's anti-personnel Noble Phantasms, Breaker Gorgon is the counterpart Bounded Field thaumaturgy to Blood Fort Andromeda. While the target's consciousness is sealed within Medusa's mind, the target can be prevented from activating any abilities. Also, Medusa primarily uses somewhat weak Noble Phantasm not on others, but on herself to seal her Mystic Eyes of Petrification that are normally always active. Though mainly used to seal Mystic Eyes, its original use is obviously to exert a degree of mind control on the opponent. Actually, when she took control of enemy Master Emiya Shirou's mind and gave him erotic dreams, she was actually trying to extract prana from him. Also, it requires only a steady stream of prana to have an effect. It is difficult for individuals with low magic resistance to notice it, much less avoid it.
Class: Anti-Unit
Stat: C-

Blood Fort Andromeda 
_One of Medusa's Noble Phantasms, Blood Fort Andromeda is the counterpart Bounded Field thaumaturgy to Breaker Gorgon. It takes the form of magic circles placed as predetermined points. Immediately following the placing of these circles, people within the affected area will only have their life force sapped slightly, but once the field is activated, they will be quickly dissolved. However, it is difficult to affect people with knowledge of thaumaturgy. Thus, it is not a Noble Phantasm to be used for combat, but rather a Bounded Field created by Medusa to efficiently gather blood to drink for prana.
In the Holy Grail War, Blood Fort Andromeda was deployed at Homurahara Academy and activated. From outside the field, the school appeared normal as usual, but the interior was stained with blood, as its name suggests._
Class: Anti-Army
Stat: B

_Medusa's most powerful attack. It is not a Noble Phantasm to be used in a one-on-one fight, but rather an "anti-army Noble Phantasm" that can cut down enemies in a wide area. An uncommon type of Noble Phantasm consisting of a paired bridle and whip, it can rapidly augment the abilities of Phantasmal Species. In battle, the strengthened Phantasmal Beast and Medusa fight as one.
Bellerophon is extraordinarily powerful whether used defensively or offensively. However, during the Holy Grail War, it could not display its merit when matched against the more powerful Noble Phantasm wielded by Artoria. Nonetheless, the fact alone that it temporarily withstood a full frontal attack by Excalibur is evidence of its great power._
Class: Anti-Army
Stat: A+
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//Name//Rin Tohsaka

//Age// 19

//Rank//Master and Magi Mage

//Servant// (None)

//Fraction// Neutral Party/Masters

//Personality// Rin is a perceptive, serious, resourceful and very competitive person. Though she is widely-admired at school as a prim and proper honor student, it is a front she puts up in order to prevent others from prying into her life. In private, she is notably loud, shrewd, stingy and bossy, but usually means well for those she cares about. She is known as a model student and idol of her school. Her manner of speech is often hostile and dismissive of other people, but deep down she has a caring, big-sisterly disposition. Her tendency of making trivial mistakes at the worst possible moment is a hereditary curse. Though she really is a lot nicer than she seems, she claims to always make her decisions based on cold, rational logic in the end.

//Appearance//Rin is a beautiful young woman with long wavy black hair, which she styles into twin-tails tied with black ribbons. During school, she wears the standard Homurahara uniform, which she sometimes accompanies with a long red coat. Her casual clothing consists of a red turtleneck, a black skirt and long black socks.

~Fire~Spells of the Fire element are related to consumption, heat, entropy, fuels, energy transfer and thermodynamics.
Sub-Elements: Heat.

~Earth ~Earth element spells relate to grounding, cultivation of energy and energy embedding.
Sub-Elements: Metal and Jewels.

~Water~Related to flows, forms, cycles, combinations and manipulations.
Sub-Elements: Ice.

~Wind ~ Deals with air, kinetic forces, static energy, free energy and directed movement.
Sub-Elements: Lightning.

~Aether~ the Fifth Imaginary Element according to the teachings of the Mage’s Association, it combines itself with any of the other four Elements in order to actualize the mysteries of Thaumaturgy. Although amorphous and incapable of materializing by its own power, it is what allows shapeless bodies to take a material form. Before the advent of Satsuki Kurogiri’s theory on the Unified Language , it was believed that the reason why mankind was capable of performing powerful mysteries during the Age of Gods was because the positioning of the others' celestial bodies in relation to Earth made the world rich with Ether. Purest, raw form of Grain, its domains are among the lines of composition, dissolution, modification, separation, unification, spiritual bodies, conceptual weapons and others.
Sub-Elements: Life, Holy and Eastern Divinations.

//Mastery in Jewel Magecraft//is the type of thaumaturgy involving transferring magical energy into jewels to use as limited use Mystic Codes. Compared to other mediums, the most compatible storage space for the Tohsaka family is jewels.Once Magical Energy is embedded into a jewel, it will be tinted by the mystical properties of the stone, and the magus can then use that power whenever and in whatever way they find necessary. A specific example would be the topaz, which has properties that makes it optimal for anti-spirits tasks.
//Gandr shot // which concentrates magical energy into Rin's forefinger, resulting in a hazy black orb to be subsequently fired like a bullet. Originally intended to be a curse, Rin's variation on Gandr takes on an unusual, corporeal form. Additionally, Rin has bypassed any need for a verbal component to initiate this spell due to having inherited and infused Magic Crest of her family, and she can fire as many Gandr shots in an instant, even set up a barrier and rain them on an opponent if she so chooses. Since Rin's Gandr Shot was particularly violent, capable of punching through and disintegrating a large portion of a concrete wall with just a single shot, it could be considered on the level of Finn Shot. Or, Finn Gatling Gun.

//Reinforcement sorcery// allowing her to strengthen her legs so much that she can run over one hundred meters in less than seven seconds, fast enough to be perceived as a blur to a regular human. She is also able to use it on herself for a few seconds to deal critical damage to even a Servant like Caster with physical blows in a situation where Rin has her off-guard. She can also make use of one of her jewels for a large amount of protection, and by placing it on her stomach to form a protective cover, she can even last a long duration of time being crushed in Berserker's grip.
Rin practices pseudo-karate as a form of self-defense. Her instructor in martial arts is Kirei, his teaching was responsible for the sequence of moves she used to corner Caster.

//Bio//Rin was brought up as the successor to her family's magecraft, and was instructed by her father to prioritize magecraft over her own interests. Ten years ago, Tokiomi Tohsaka was selected as a Master in the 4th Holy Grail War, and Rin was entrusted to take care of the Tohsaka estate until his return. Her mother, Aoi Tohsaka, was left in a debilitated state from the war, so her care was left to her guardian, Kirei Kotomine. After her father was killed, Rin continued to improve her sorcery with some guidance from Kirei Kotomine. To divert attention from her private life, Rin has diligently strived to earn the admiration of her peers, even though she is secretly stingy, tomboyish, and a slacker. The rights to the Tohsaka lands were inherited by Aoi after Tokiomi's death, and subsequently inherited by Rin after Aoi's death. Kirei managed them as Rin's guardian, and because of his foolhardy and coarse management, the majority of profitable properties ended up in the hands of others. It is possible that he believed the wealth was bad for her upbringing due to following the principles of humility and poverty.
Although Rin resents the sacrifices she has endured for the sake of tradition, she is fiercely competitive and eager to prove herself as a skilled and capable magus. She was immensely disappointed at summoning Archer and ended up in a quarrel with him; however, the duo soon reconciled, set aside their differences and quickly got along.
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