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Of course, here are the rules of this place.  Posting in the right category is not as much of a rule here because I'm pretty much always on a computer, and thus, being an owner, I can easily put the post in question elsewhere, so it's no problem at all if it's not in the right category.  Just, of course, try to stay in the right categories as much as you can.

1.  You can pretty much be anything.  I would prefer either OC's or video game characters, from any video game, of course, but you can be anime characters or whatever if you want.  Warriors Orochi is a mashup of different video games and worlds, after all, especially Warriors Orochi 3, Hyper, and Ultimate, since it includes Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, Ayane from Dead or Alive, Joan of Arc from Bladestorm:  The Hundred Years War, and even Sophitia from Soul Calibur.  If you are making an OC, you do not have to have any character's moveset.  This isn't a video game, this is just a rp based on one, thus, characters here don't have a real moveset other than skills that they can use such as, say, Megido from Shin Megami Tensei.
*Anti-Furries/Bronies beware, as this does also mean that theoretically, people can put in, say, Twilight Sparkle from MLP or Krystal from Starfox.

2.  Don't be OP'd, of course, especially in the Dueling Arenas.  Auto-hit follow-up chains also are kinda annoying to see.  And even in the Battlefields where you're just facing off against an enemy army, even if you're freakin' Lu Bu or Tadakatsu Honda, don't try to just rush through the battle and kill everything.  It makes things way too easy, and it keeps others who wanted to join in the fight from getting any action.

3.  Don't go NSFW here, please.  This is a fighting community, noone wants to see unnecessary sex.  You can have relationships or whatever, but don't make this into NSFW.  Grimdark also has no place here.  This is war, not a gory horror movie or anything like that.

4.  A note about the relationships, if you are canon characters, I would prefer to keep the relationships canon, such as Liu Bei and Sun Shangxiang, Oichi and Nagamasa Azai, etc.  If you're a character who doesn't have a canon relationship, such as Zhao Yun or Keiji Maeda, then sure, you can go with someone who doesn't already have a canon relationship, even an OC or some other video game character who does not already have a canon relationship.
Of course, Sophitia, while she does not have a canon relationship in the Warriors Orochi series, she IS still in a canon relationship with a man by the name of Rothion in Soul Calibur, and their relationship and kids ARE mentioned several times in Warriors Orochi, as well.  As such, noone can go with her because cheating is not cool.

5.  For that matter, if you're going to rp as a canon character from ANY game, please keep everything canon.  Creepypasta references and such are NOT canon in any way and are not allowed.  If a character is not shown to have a canon relationship in the game that they are in, then they will be considered single in this place.  For example, Link from Legend of Zelda.  He CAN go with Zelda here, but starting out here, he is not already in any relationship.

6.  Out-of-character disrespect.  Not cool.  It's understandable if your character is Gan Ning and the person receiving the disrespect is rping as Ling Tong, but please, that's just Gan Ning and Ling Tong themselves.  I ask that if you're out of character, please be friendly with one-another.

7.  Of course, don't be all goofy nor all dark and depressing.  Much like Fire Emblem, the Dynasty, Samurai, and Orochi series all have their serious and their funny moments.  Even in the midst of battle, some of the dialogue can be pretty funny!

8.  Your rp's can take place within the time periods of Warriors Orochi 1, 2, or 3, it doesn't matter to me.  You can even make a completely original storyline.  Especially with 3's time-travel motif, the period that your rp takes place in is pretty free. Warriors All-Stars' story can also work here.

9.  No spam, please.  "Repost or die," or whatever, 1, those posts *DO NOT WORK!!!  You will not die if you don't repost, and a repost for positive luck also is not very necessary.  Luck just happens, it does not hinge on whether or not you reposted something.  And 2, it's just annoying as heck to see.  They will be removed AS SOON as I see them.

10:  If you're going to play as a character featured in the Warriors Orochi series, you will have to show a sample rp of how you can do as that character, how well you can stay within the confines of that character's personality and bio.

11:  I would like to see only ONE of each canon character from any franchise, Warriors Orochi or no.  There may be some exceptions, like if you want to be Sengoku Basara's Masamune Date, I'm sure I could allow that in conjunction with Samurai Warriors' own Masamune Date, or the Hero and Infamous forms of Cole McGrath or Delsin Rowe from the Infamous series.

12:  One person can only play as ONE featured character.  I am sorry that this rule is so restricting, but I'm sure that many of the characters featured in Warriors Orochi, Dynasty Warriors 8, and Samurai Warriors 4 have a lot of fans, and it would be disappointing and unfair to the other fans to see one person playing as three featured characters, and it takes up space for those characters quickly, even if there are a LOT of characters on that list.  You can do a featured character and two other characters, of course, but you can only play as ONE featured character.

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Name: Vent

Age:  18 (By the time of Mega Man ZX Advent.)

Species:  Humanoid, basically a human with mechanical parts.

Weapon: Biometals; Model ZX uses a single pistol buster that turns into a saber for melee attacks, Model HX uses twin short sabers and wind, Model PX uses shuriken and kunai, FX uses twin gauntlets that can shoot fire, and LX uses a double-edged saber spear and ice.

Special Abilities:  Model HX can scan enemies for weakpoints and hover, Model PX scans the whole map, can stick to walls and ceilings, and moves silently, FX's Knuckle Busters can have the trajectory of their fire modified, and LX can swim and detect nearby hidden items.

Appearance:  I know some of these pictures are actually Aile rather than Vent, Aile is the alternate main character of ZX, but the models look exactly the same no matter who uses them.

Starting relationship status:  Single

Universe: Mega Man, specifically the Zero and ZX timeline.

Alignment:  Lawful good.

Forces:  Humans.

Personality: He is kind, protective, and determined, and more calm and collected than he used to be 3-7 years ago, but can still be a little hot-headed at times.

Bio:  Ten years before the events of Mega Man ZX, Vent went with his mom to the fair, where Mavericks attacked. The Slither Inc. forces repelled them, but Vent's mom was killed. It is said in Vent's story that Purprill was responsible for that Maverick raid. As a result of his mother's death, he hates Slither Inc. and Serpent, stating that should they have arrived earlier, his mom would still be alive; this is the main reason for his recklessness and his will to protect those who he loves.
Vent is the chosen one for Model X, and through Double Megamerge, can use the other Biometals. In the first game, Vent fights to retrieve the six Biometals and their codes, and to stop Serpent's Project Haven. Ultimately his goal was to defeat Serpent and destroy Model W. After Vent defeats Model W and Serpent, he calls Serpent a Maverick, due to having played with the lives of many people, to feed Model W. Serpent, becoming angry, replies that it was Vent who impeded change and progress. Vent replies, telling Serpent that his concept of progress made a lot of people suffer, so he could not let him win. Serpent then declares Vent to be a fool, because the reason for which he fights is nothing more than preserving a hopeless world, and so long as humans have emotions, darkness would always hunt them; they are the true Mavericks. Disturbed, Vent watches the fall of Serpent's company, but is then given hope by Giro, as a Cyber-elf, and learns that he has the power to change the future and, as his last task as a transporter, is to guide the world to peace. Vent returns to the Guardians, forever thankful for Giro's words, aware that the world needs a Mega Man.
In the second game, Vent returns as an 18 year old, now with longer hair, making him bear a strong resemblance to Giro; he is also wearing his jacket open with an emblem added. He appears in Ashe's story, still using Model ZX, destroying Model W's to end the Game of Destiny.
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Name: Brigadier General Khorne



Weapons:Heavy Bolter, Chain sword(basically chain saw sword)

special abilities:Able to Boost moral of all allies

Gender: Male


alignment:DeathWatch((not star wars deathwatch))

Bio: Though his name is that of one of the Chaos gods he is not the chaos god. He enjoys The thrill of a good battle. That's about all known about him.

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Name: Staff Sergeant Jack

age: 21

species: Human

Weapon: lazer rifle

special ability: Adtapts to any attacks/Terran

gender: Male

sexuality: bi

Alignment: elite Krieg Grenadier of the Death Korps of Krieg

Bio:not much known, just that he went missing when he was 2 years old and that he's now one of the best soldiers among the death koprs of krieg

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Name: Colonel Crow


Speciies: Human

weapons: Two lighting claws and heavy bolter

special ability:Brute strength and fast reflexes


sexuality: Straight

alignment: Raven Guard

Bio:Fought through the Horus Heresy, fought in many crusades with his Battle brothers, silent at times, can sneak up on you even in all his armor

Hey +Daniel Coffman i join cause why not and ya, im ok now...well at least for now se ya....any how, hows it goin?

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NAME: nene koizora.
Age : 16 old.

My style NINJA☆.

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Name:  Jude Mathis

Age:  16 (At the time of Tales of Xillia 2.)

Species:  Human

Weapon:  Bracers, utilizing a martial arts style.

Special Abilities:  Good martial artist, tactical genius, and a medic.

Starting Relationship status:  Single.
For those who think that Jude X Milla is canon, no, it is not.  Nowhere in any of the official information sources that I have found does it ever even hint at a real relationship between Jude and Milla.  Jude does have a crush on her, but they never advanced beyond friendship.

Universe:  Tales series, Tales of Xillia.

Allignment:  Lawful good.

Forces:  When Jude arrived in this world, he was found by the Mystics, and he joined them since they reminded him a lot of Milla Maxwell, the Lord of Spirits.

Personality:  Jude's mother describes him as "too quick to help others"—a trait that his friends teased and even bullied him for when he was younger. Despite this, even when he came home bruised and battered, he would still be smiling underneath. This trait is ultimately what causes him to help Milla, an action that made him a fugitive and began his travels with her. He is shown to be a pacifist, as he frequently makes remarks after battle that suggest he is against fighting.
Jude is usually calm and composed, but also has—as Alvin puts it—a nasty habit of poking his nose where it does not belong, and can get into trouble because of this. He frequently becomes concerned about things that others have no interest in—Milla and Alvin, in particular—a trait he does not outgrow even when Alvin tells him he cannot concern himself with other people's business. He is a very diligent student in Fennmont and was offered an opportunity to become an apprentice medical doctor after graduation by a professor in the school. Jude is also a highly dedicated person. Despite his young age, he follows Milla in the hopes that he may be of some use to her. He adores Milla, eventually falling in love with her, and is a great friend to all his companions, being both insightful and forgiving.

Bio:  Fifteen years ago, when Jude was only a year old, his father, Derrick, was part of Exodus when it was still an organization dedicated to protecting the stranded Elympions, before it became a terrorist organization, and his mother, Ellen, was a Rieze Maxian doctor. Derrick overheard Gilland's plans of using the Rieze Maxians as fuel and immediately worried for his wife and son's safety, attempting to discover a way to leave Exodus. Ellen, who thought Derrick was having an affair, followed him to the island where Exodus resided and brought Jude with her. Arriving at the base, Ellen was barred from entering due to children being prohibited. She reluctantly handed Jude over to a guard, who said that his mother could take care of him. However, the woman was away, Jude was left outside of the house. At the same time, a 6-year-old Milla Maxwell chances upon him and plays with him for a while. Eventually, Jude started crying and pulled at Milla's hair, resulting in her running away with him to an Exodus facility. Gilland, using a spyrix to try to contact the Elympions, raised its power, and Milla began to suffer from the cries of the lesser spirits. Her desire to protect Jude led to her awakening as Maxwell, and the Great Four came to her aid, destroying the base. Eventually, Milla had to leave Jude in the lab's ruins, where he was found by Derrick and Ellen with a small trace of a kiss on his cheek.
Jude's current hometown is Leronde, where his parents own a clinic. When he was small, he wandered to a dangerous place and was injured. Due to this incident, his friends changed their impression toward him. According to his mother, he has always been a soft-hearted person ever since he was a child, which was why he was bullied all the time. Jude learned martial arts while still young. His childhood friend, Leia Rolando, often asked for a duel, which resulted in Jude's defeat each time. Jude's parents rarely pay attention to him due to their professions as medical doctors. This treatment causes Jude to believe that his parents live only to work, which he strongly dislikes. Feeling neglected, Jude decides to leave Leronde and head to Fennmont to study there.
In Fennmont, after a large number of patients are admitted to his hospital following a failed Spirit Arte at a military base, he decides to investigate the cause and meets Milla Maxwell, a mysterious girl who is investigating the recent deaths of a number of spirits. Entering a research building from underground, they discover human experimentation and the Lance of Kresnik, a weapon of mass destruction that Milla refers to as a spyrix. Deeming it as the cause for the mass spirit annihilation as well as other threats, Milla attempts to destroy it by summoning the Four Great Spirits when they are interrupted by a mysterious girl in red clothing. After engaging in a fight and defeating the girl, she activates the lance, causing massive mana absorption, consuming the Four Great Spirits leaving Milla powerless. Before the floor collapses under the power of the lance, Milla manages to steal the key required for activation, stopping the machine. Jude saves her from drowning as they fall through the floor into a water reservoir. Leaving the sewers, they are soon apprehended by knights of Rashugal and placed under arrest for treason; however, Alvin, a wandering mercenary, appears and saves them as they board a boat and begin their journey to regain Milla's powers and stop the Lance of Kresnik. Their trip leads them to Hamil, where they encounter Elize Lutus, and Jude decides to help after learning of her hardships.
Jude is reunited with his past friends a year after the events in Fennmont and allies himself with the previous game's antagonists, all aiding Ludger Will Kresnik to combat the infectious fractured dimension to preserve their own dimension. However, Jude becomes conflicted, yearning to reunite with Milla, only to discover that she was thrown into a void abyss by Chronos. Later, Jude is joined by an alternate Milla accidentally due to Elle Mel Marta's power, causing him to distance himself from this Milla. When she is forced to sacrifice herself to allow Ludger to save Elle from Rideaux Zek Rugievit, the prime dimension Milla Maxwell returns. Despite the fact that Milla has returned, Jude laments the fact that he could not save the other Milla.

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Name:  Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th and Gouto-Douji

Age:  All that is known is that Raidou is in high school.  Completely unknown for Gouto-Douji.

Species:  Raidou:  human
--Gouto:  Cat

Weapon:  A Katana, 6-shot revolver, and demons.  Gouto does not fight.

Appearance:  The picture of Raidou with his arms crossed may not actually be Raidou himself, it's his alternate self, Raido Kuzunoha, but I chose this picture because it shows off all of Raidou's katana.

Starting Relationship status:  Single

Universe:  Shin Megami Tensei, the Devil Summoner:  Raidou Kuzunoha series to be exact.

Alignment:  Pure neutral

Forces:  He was found by Sayo's two children and their cousin, and joined them. Those three seem trustworthy enough, but why does Gouto have a bad feeling about Sayo herself, though...?

Personality:  Raidou:  Calm, intelligent, and introverted.  Doesn't talk much.  Enjoys tricking Gouto into playing with a Foxtail plant.
--Gouto:  Despite how sarcastic Gouto is, he belives that Raidou the 14th may be the best Raidou Kuzunoha he has ever had the honor to guide.  When Raidou would run out of money for his travel fees, Gouto would loan him some money.  Of course, as soon as Raidou gets enough money to pay Gouto back, he does so.

Bio:  Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV (14th) is a young student of the Yumizuki High School who was trained in the Kuzunoha village in the art of the Devil Summoner. Once he was ready, he undertook the trials at the nameless shrine in the heart of the Shinoda mountains and became the fourteenth Raidou Kuzunoha. He was assigned to have Gouto-Douji as a partner by the Herald of Yatagarasu to guide Raidou in the ways of a Devil Summoner, and was sent to work part-time at the Narumi Detective Agency as a cover for his true task.
As the newest Raidou Kuzunoha, it is his duty to protect the Capital from the demons of the Dark Realm, and ensure that the supernatural world is kept in check. His abilities with a katana are without equal, and his skill with a pistol is unmatched, but Raidou's true power comes from the demons tucked away in confinement tubes beneath his cape.
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Name: Yamato Hotsuin

Age:  17

Species:  Human

Weapon: The Dragon Stream, his demon Cerberus

Appearance:  Picture

Character's starting relationship status: Single

Universe:  Devil Survivor 2

Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral

Forces:  Humans

Personality: Yamato is calm and decisive when in action. He is stubborn about his meritocracy-based views, and refuses to give any thought to opposing views. He judges people based on their capabilities and achievements.

Bio: Yamato's family created JP's, a hidden government task force that protects Japan from the supernatural. Yamato's position deprived him of a normal childhood, thus he has little knowledge of civilian matters. He did not attend school, instead he learned college level education as a child by various personal tutors. 
     One day, Japan suffered a series of attacks by aliens known as the Septentriones. With the help of several civilians and the rest of JP's, he was able to fend off six of the seven Septentriones. However, along the way, he came up with a plan. He wanted to use the power of the Septentriones' creator, Polaris, to remake the world into a meritocracy. Due to internal fighting and disagreement, JP's was split into four factions, one of which was led by Yamato. One faction that wanted to usurp Polaris's throne managed to defeat the seventh Septentrione and the other three factions, including Yamato's. Yamato reluctantly joined the winning faction as a result. The group managed to slay Polaris and crown Al Saiduq, the friendly eighth Septentrione, king. Saiduq then changed the world back to its state before the attacks.
   However, the trials were not over. A new threat known as the Triangulum threatened humanity. Yamato retreated into the Akasha Stratum in order to find the secret to killing the new invaders. Eventually, his old group found him and saved his life from the Akasha Stratum's self-defense system. Yamato then assisted the group in defeating the Triangulum. Yamato suggested that Saiduq make a new world unreachable by any future invaders. Saiduq went along with this plan, and it was successful. 
   In the new world, at the suggestion of his friends, Yamato takes a vacation.
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