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Novo Vídeo no Canal:
Inscrevam-se, curte e Compartilha

Opa... queria saber c vocs ainda treinam?

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Hi, my name is Raphaël, I come from Le Mans, in France. I do parkour for 6 years with my little brother. We are merbers of the Twist Team, a french association member of Fédération de Parkour.
We do some videos on Youtube. If you are interested, visit our channel. 

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What do you guys think of Mansion Brick trailer with David Belle & Paul Walker? Any thoughts?

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Report for the summer
I tried to)

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¡Hey people of FlowShow!

I'm Wid Eriksen from México, i'm 3RUN Ambassador, 1POWER and WFPF Sponsored Athlete (and other sponsors)
10 months ago i sent to you my first video project to 3run, unfortunately you can't put it in the flow show ep.2 

so now i'm here again send u this, with the hope this time you can put it on the Flow Show ep.23, i think it's a really cool 
and inspirational video, Pasha the boss, jason, ryan doyle and other really cool guys appears on there, also a little clips for the first 
Parkour/Freerun Challenge in mexico, organized by Urbanrunners,
and i have never seen a video of mexico on the Flow Show.

So, i hope you can share it with the world to more people can see it , PLEASE!

Here is the video, it's called, Dreams Come True.
Dreams Come True [WID ERIKSEN] 

The video are in 3RUNTUBE account, but my youtube channel is,


how do you get sponsored for freerunning and parkour??

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