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You can be either a canon character or your OC.

Be respectful to one another.

You cannot kill another player's character unless they say you can.

No inappropriate content on this community or you will get banned! I mean it!

If you did not create something yourself, then please credit it. Plagiarism is not cool.

The only advertising/spam you can do is other Lunar Chronicles stuff (memes count as spam).


The Rampion crew
Cinder: Open
Scarlet: Open
Cress: Open
Winter: Open
Kai: Open
Wolf: Open
Thorne: Open
Jacin: Open
Iko: Open
Dawn (OC): +Isabel

Queen Levana: Open
Sybil Mira: Open
Aimery Park: Open

Character template
How they look:
Quotes (optional):
Theme song (optional):

Name: Dawn

Gender: Female

Personality: Curious, honest, stubborn

Age: 14

Species: Earthen/Cyborg

Bio: Dawn joined the Rampion crew after she let them land in her backyard. Soon after, she had a run-in with a Lunar special operative and was badly injured. She's back with the Rampion crew and is adjusting to her new cyborg limbs.

Fairy tale she's based on: Sleeping Beauty

Powers: None

How they look: Shoulder-length black hair; gray eyes
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