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walking in the woods and sees bill
Lisa: hey Bill
((Open RP))

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Name: Lisa the killer
Birthday: Friday 13th
Favorite color: red
Crush : dipper ,bill .
Personality: she is insane but nice sometimes
She brave and awesome!!
Likes: mystery , books and friends
Dislikes: people judging about her eyes color.
Bio: she was going to a trip to gravity falls and is was amazing. She meet dipper ,mabel ! . her parents never came back to pick her up so he is abandoned.
From: creepy pasta
Gender: female

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Name-Bea Amy Lonevaro
Age-13 but in the fallen angel form 1,000 years old
Form-Fallen angel
Personality-smart,sometimes can have a good side and bad side,very curious,honest,likes dogs,mystery
Has a crush on her-none
Story-when I left california for a summer vacation but since our car engine wasn't working it stopped in a location we don't know we looked at the city sign it said "Gravity falls" and so that was the time I met dipper I asked if there was a hotel for us and he said yea sure want a tour I replied "yea that would be cool" he toured us everwhere in Gravity Falls and so we found a hotel we stayed in gravity falls for a while to fix our car and so it became 5 weeks to fix our car and so we were about to leave I said to my parents I didn't wanna leave Gravity Falls and so they said we could stay there until 6 months end and so we bought a apartment and that day I went to the forest with dipper That was when he showed me the scerets of Gravity falls and after that Mable decided to show up after stalking us she said " hey dipper wat are u doing with ur GF "dipper replied " Mabel this is my Friend Bea and Bea meet Mabel my sister" I replied back " nice to meet u" after that whole intorduction we went to this potion Lab and we went inside after that I saw a potion that said "fallen demon angel" I touched the potion I was turning into an angel that was a demon and so dipper searched the book for wat was it and so he said every info of my form and so we all agreed not to say it to the others and I promised to use it for fighting and sometimes the effect makes me evil
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Name . Lilly
Age . 13
Personally. Smart kind sweet strong helpful confident
Likes. Dipper,mable, Bill, pines brothers,
Dislikes, evil, people dying, war
Story. Once Lilly saw the bill she thought she could make him good . She went to her dad's lab trying to make a poison for Bill to drink and turn good and human. She tries a lot. Her pet wolf named willow helped her. She keeps trying and she saw dipper and mable they became friends and she told them what she is doing. They both freak out and she told them she want Bill to be nice and human. So dipper and mable agree to help so they went.

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okay lets do ths I don't want to be out here for much longer

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I will do it...and try recording myself ._. ... Please don't
Just please. BUT WHAT THE HECK WHY NOT .-.

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