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An old man’s eyes
Today I looked through an old man’s eyes
Beyond the plains of yesterday
Past our time in space
Here he stood by a row of graves
The first grave was that of lost love
Killed by fear and fear alone
Of fear of the future and the past
Here I saw teardrops turn to streams
The next grave was that of chances never taken
Chances lost forever in the rain
Here I saw a lost smile many miles way
This was the land of wonder what if
Then we turned to wonder over the grave of sorrow
This grave was but an empty box
As all the tears were never placed to rest
Here we wept over time gone by
Then we stood before his final resting place
Surrounded by the crosses of yesterday
He turned to me and pleaded
To live and use the chances presented
But most of all to place all the sorrow
In the empty grave before
I am old and grey and wonder
Where the days of my youth have gone
HW Swanepoel ©

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