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My Wife and I are asking anyone who is willing to spare just a little time to read about our situation. Perhaps offering some help in the form of advice or maybe even donations. It really pains us to ask for money but with the way things are going we could lose our home.

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Introducing Supherb, caffeine-free "energy tea" designed for afternoon.

It offers caffeine-free, clean energy for caffeine sensitives or anyone who doesn't like to consume caffeine in the afternoon to ensure quality sleep at night.

If no caffeine, how does it boost energy? By increasing ATP level in our body with scientifically proven Asian herbs.

Check out our page & video to learn more about how it works and unique facts/history of Korean traditional drinks!

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Please support this campaign also share it ,Thank you in Advance, May God Bless All of US

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Now available on Kickstarter!

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CoopCrowdfund Amazing Facts::

+ This is not mlm, direct sales or trading
+ There's nothing to buy, ship or sell
+ 100% of all donations are paid to its members
+ There are no deadlines or goal requirements
+ You keep 100% of every donation you receive
+ Donations are received within 200 Countries
+ Full back office with marketing websites & flyers
+ Live calls to support you & your growing crowd

What Do These Companies Have In Common?

The largest printing company in the world and they own No Printing Presses.
Vista Print is a Cooperative!

The largest taxi service in the world and they own No Cars.
Uber is a Cooperative!

The largest vacation rental service in the world and they own No Hotels/Homes.
Air BnB is a Cooperative!

The largest distribution of goods & products and they own No Stores.
Amazon is a Cooperative!

They Are All Multi Billion Dollar Companies.
They are all Cooperatives!

Get FREE Info Here on how You can Pay off all debts
and more!!

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Now available on Kickstarter!
Are you tired of getting super glue on your fingers?

Are you sick of waiting a half hour for glue to set?

This all-in-one glue is the PERFECT solution!

Learn more:

#Crowdfunding #Kickstarter #Repair #Adhesive #Glue #SuperGlue

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For design lovers looking for authentic objects, made with love!
Montelouro. Where technology meets nature!
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