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Welcome to all students, respect others. Obey commanders. That's all. Have fun and share the group if u want to. Heck even invite people if u want.
One thing though(sorry) Plz be active as much as u can

Plz follow this. As long as these are there, u can add other things
Profile thing for students.
Race: (only if non-human, and Star Wars races only)
Age(below 20)
Reason you joined
What u wish to be:(ex: pilot)

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Notice: upon graduation you will have the option to stay longer and become an elite. This is the armor for elite troopers. Not all survive the training(u all dead? If not plz make char)
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(Bar is now open..plz let me know who is alive)

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The Rebellion can run, but they can not hide. We at the Naval Intelligence Office managed to station a crew aboard a Star Destroyer and then recorded the battle you see here. Don't let the Rebels win or run! Sign up at the nearest recruiting station today.

So..a question. Events. What kind of events would you guys want here. Happy events, horror events. Idc , I just want to know. Aside from that, plz make chars when u can

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Notice: there will be an entrance ceremony once more profiles are made

Notice: no overly sexual chars. No sexual content . This is an academy. U can have romance however anything done in bed must be done in a private post. And everyone is under the age of 20 for cadets(ur chars) Keep that in mind. If broken the post is removed. I will speak to u privately. This is the warning post. If I feel you won't stop I WILL band you
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