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STRANGE STARS OSR is now available in soft cover:

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Now available for digital download:

Now you can explore the STRANGE STARS universe in Sine Nomine Publishing's acclaimed Stars Without Number or similar Old School Rennaissance-derived games!

Join a salvage mission to steal ancient tech from the wreck of a deranged sophont warship. Scavange parts from giant ancient robots on Gogmagog. Cross swords with a Zao Pirate in hard vacuum. Experience a galaxy of adventure with STRANGE STARS OSR!

This 35-page rule book includes:

- Tips for creatings characters and 19 clades from Atozan librarians to armored thrax warriors as player character options.
- A catalog of adversaries and threats from the monstrous ssraad to the more subtle agents of the Instrumentality.
- A gazeteer of known worlds and rules for creating random orbital habitats
- A sampling of factions big and small from across the known galaxy
- Advice on running adventures and campaigns in the Strange Stars with a random adventure seed generator

hey pale-faces is coast of grizzly dreams still a thing? 

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Hydra Need Editors. A good kind of problem to have, but the Hydra Cooperative has enough projects going right now that it is looking for both line and copy editors for freelance project work.

Qualities we are looking for:
1. Done editing work previously on a professional or volunteer basis. Bonus points for having done it in a gaming context.

2. Have an interest for the DIY and OSR gaming scene (broadly speaking) and pushing that design vision.

3. Are familiar with the work of the Hydra Cooperative (Strange Stars, the Slumbering Ursine Dunes series, Ruins & Ronin, Weird Adventures etc).

4. Understand the balance between the interest of the readers and the aesthetic vision of precious snowflake designers.

5. Understands and respects the need for making deadlines and general timeliness in publishing. Communicates proactively about potential conflicts and delays.

If interested drop me a private email at kutalik at the gmail dot com to talk details.

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Happy Hanukkah/Merry Xmas, earthlings. More family quality time? Pshaw! Time to celebrate the First Day of 12 Days of Hydra: 40% all digital, 30% off all print!

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Review of Misty Isles of the Eld by +Bryce Lynch 

Two announcements regarding Operation Unfathomable!

Firstly, +Jason Sholtis will be holding an AMA over at the /r/rpg subreddit ( this Friday, from 8-11 PM EDT! Swing by, say hello, ask anything you've been curious about!

Secondly, Thrantrix the Ineffable, that lovable whirling-ball-of-snakes Chaos Godling, has demanded that her worship grow. So we're running a contest!

We want to see your top quotes of Thrantrix the Ineffable; send them to us by posting them on G+, Twitter, or FB with the hashtags #SoSpakeThrantrix #OperationUnfathomable before the Kickstarter ends on November 10! We'll compile the submissions into a PDF that will be made freely available after the Kickstarter (the better to spread the word of Thrantrix of course!). The top submission will receive the actual model of Thrantrix that appeared in our Kickstarter video, once the campaign ends and a winner has been chosen!

The Operation Unfathomable pre-gen characters are delightful.

Apparently there’s a concern that our Blue and Red Anti-Chaos Pill backer tiers are intended as a dogwhistle or crypto-signal to indicate support for GamerGate or the MRA movement.

I'm pretty dense, please explain. I know what GamerGate is, but even with my Offendiscope set to stun I can't figure this one out.
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