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Tons of cleanup went into this update as well. Should provide for even better support for the future!

This one is awesome though, perfect for a news reader like Source! To turn it on, head to the "Theme Settings" and deselect the "In-line" article checkbox.
Building a better browser - Open Source
BIG updates for Pulse, Talon, EvolveSMS, and Source

This one has been a long time in the works! In collaboration with the Googley +Jacob Klinker, I am excited to include a brand new, readability/instant browser in all of our apps!

This thing is fast, powerful, flexible, ad free, a data saver, and looks great. It stores any articles that are loaded on your device, and on the server, so grabbing articles is always super fast. For a closer look at how it works, check out the open source project below!

This has been included in ALL of our network-enabled apps, so get downloading!

Pulse (SMS/Tablet Messenger):
Talon for Twitter:
Source News Reader:
Talon Classic:

Available for ANY DEVELOPER
Not only did we make something that we think is really awesome... but we are making it available for any app developers to use, for free. I am hosting the backend for everyone, so you just get to drop it in and let your users enjoy it :)

The Android library is open-source and incredibly easy to implement. If you are already using Chrome Custom Tabs, it basically piggy-backs off of those APIs. Check it out:

Obviously there is no personal information in any of the requests, so there is no security concern, all we are storing with this project is the article.

If you are a developer, I highly recommend trying it out in your apps! It is a very cool project and a great way to give your users something unique and new.

You're welcome!

Additional Pulse Features

On top of this very cool new browser, there are numerous media enhancements that have been added to Pulse for v1.11.0. Within any message thread, there will now be YouTube and web article previews, directly on the message list! This also applies for the web and tablet versions of course.

Whenever a link is received in a message, it will automatically get parsed and loaded. That means that opening articles will be INSTANT within Pulse, from now on! This is a very cool feature in my opinion and really improves the experience, over just displaying a simple web link on a message. Check out the screenshot below for a look at how it works!

Jake and I are super stoked about this project and what it can do for apps, hope you try it out within our apps, then enjoy and integrate it yourselves! We have never seen an open-source project quite like this one :)

It is available and live on all of our apps right now! Enjoy all
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Is this app discontinued? All the links to Play are broken, and it doesn't even appear, when viewing all your apps... but I also don't see anything here, saying what happened.

Couple of things I would hope will be added...

1. Mark as read or read items grayed to tell which are read.
2. The widget does not update properly and the refresh icon is not refreshing it all the time. Neither does the check mark.
3. Could you add a mark as read "are you sure" prompt?

This app is amazing! Thank you for creating this!

Why can't I get this app to work, I sign in with Google and nothing happens. I hit Android, News and uncategorized, nothing happens

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One source from Feedly ( shows the cookie text instead of the article text. This happens to every item. In Feedly this source works correct. It's a big Dutch source for tech news. Is there a possible solution?

I just bought source, I like it!

Is it possible to make an improvement to the Wear app? I would really like a setting that I see the titles and the source and when I click on it, I see the whole article.

At this moment you see part of the article but most of the times the title is too long to read.

Could you please make the "everything read" button which is currently placed in the navigation drawer as a FAB.

Hi guys,

Been using Press for years, and decided to check out some more modern alternatives, and Source has totally won me over.

There's just one thing I wish Source had the Press does – silent notifications. I like having a notification in my tray, but don't want a vibration every 15 mins telling me I have 1 new article. An option to have a silent notification would be awesome.

Happy Christmas! Hope you're having a good one!

Since it's still having issues with marking all articles as ready, even if you haven't scrolled to them, maybe you could add some shortcut to mark them as read, like a swipe to the right or something? That way you can turn off 'mark as read on scroll' to not screw up your articles, yet still have a quick way to mark as ready without having to open them?

Turkish language characters seems question mark.
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