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Smokey Igneous
Smon, Smoke

Armag Those Dracofawns that have their liquid as that warn liquid from the mountains known as ‘Magma’ (Super Rare)

Date of birth:

Has self esteem. Hasty. Boasting about how urgent he should be. Likes play fighting and games that involve balls. Hates people who touch his chest because of his broken anatomy. Will ask anyone that seems like they the same level or higher than his level to POW WOW. Will occasionally regret him self among bullies.

Traits and Accessories:
A Blanket Tied Onto His Legs He thinks it makes it him look more urgent
Dragon Spine From Forehead Rare
Horns Common
Crooked Dragonfly Wings Rare
Pure Magma For Inner Rare
Deer Tail Common
Gradient From Red To Black Rare
No Heart Keep Broken Anatomy
Yellow Bubbles Common
Light Blue Windy Pattern On Fur Uncommon

______Broken Anatomy Origin______
Around the time when Smokey got a little pal to teach some him strength, he wanted to be strong enough to be one of main camps warriors.
This pal accidentally thought that Smokey was a dragon, ending up to teach Smokey fire manipulation instead of dear’s traditional kick and bash. Of course Dracofawns are a hybrid of a dear, a dragon, a lava lamp, Smokey was learning far away from main camp, making him forget what he was.
After a bit he need to challenge his pal to clear out the trails of a class that take the word ‘predators’ for their class. Smokey Igneous failed to succeed this small challenge. He ended up laying down a soft grass. His bandana was on fire and he still felt dead; he must of somehow took out his mineral oil keep with pyrokinesis.
At first sight at this similar camp he used to be in, there was this ‘Dracofawn’ named Hope who also had some damaged parts. Dracofawns, those names were, Lemon Lime, it sounds like the names of two types of citrus, Winterspirit, a genuinely a nice friend towards everyone, Rootie, A cute guy he says, and the rest I don’t know their names ;-;.
He doesn’t know if he will achieve his dream and yes, he’s learnt the normal Dracofawn fighting technique.
Received from: Super Rare MYO Event
'Dracofawns' belong +Crystalclaw 222 
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Joabelle Jung™
Shared publicly - Oct 14, 2016

+Alexia Blue's part of an Art Trade with me.

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Joabelle Jung™
Shared publicly - Oct 12, 2016

A Sketch Chibi Hybrid of Smokey Igneous

ᏁᎪᎽᎪb “ᏢᎪᏦᎥ ᏆᏒᎪsh” ᏦhᎪᏁ's profile photo
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Joabelle Jung™
Shared publicly - Oct 3, 2016

I did a small Chibi Icon for Smokey Igneous ^^

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Joabelle Jung™
Shared publicly - Oct 3, 2016

Joabelle Jung™ originally shared to OC bebs(I will keep em all!):

Smokey Igneous, my Dragon/Deer shaped magma lamp ;v;

Crooked Dragonfly Wings
Windy Pattern
Sun-Colored Lava Bubbles
No Heart(Broken Anatomy)

+1 Art
__ __
Species by +Crystalclaw 222
I'm a guest designer
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