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Name: Willow Blackthorn
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Affiliation: None
Species: Human
Fighting style: Alchemy and swords (katanas)
Bio: I moved to Ametris after I lost my left leg in a robbery gone wrong. I was 16 and was going on a train ride to visit the big city when a group of thieves with big guns came on board. My father out of instinct he tried getting the gun from the nearest thief but ended up getting my mother shot and another thief shoots my father. Out of the strong emotions my Alchemy abilities awakened but at a cost. My left leg was taken as payment to make them explode. I got off the train and got to Ametris. I earned enough money for an automail leg and learned to control my Alchemy abilities through my katanas.

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Rate it I hope I drew mom good Edward elric

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welcome to the community!
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Name:  selim ((also known as pride))
Age:  ???
Gender: male 
Affiliation:  none
species:  homunculus
Fighting Style: the philosopher's stone

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Name: Luna Lovegood

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Affliction: doesn't have one

Species: Witch

Fighting Style: Alchemy


((I haven't finished this anime and you need a profile section))
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Name: Dante, Age: 23, Gender : Male, Fighting Style: Sword and guns, bio: Medium Angel, Medium Demon. 

Name:  koby
Age:  16
Gender: male
Affiliation: i'm apart of the milatary
species: human
 Fighting Style: alchemy 
bio: i dont know...i'm in the wrong anime

Name :Lord zalgo



Gender:any (can be both)

Fighting style:corruption and fear

Bio:ancient demon

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