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~Toy Chica~
Name: Toy Chica The Chicken Or CC
Nickname: TC
*Species: Chicken
*Personality: Kind, Lovable.
>Is In A Relationship With Vixen
Likes: Parties, Vixen, A Lot Of Stuff.
Dislikes: The Murderer, Balloon Boy
*Bio: Is An Animatronic Toy Chicken Built For Entertainment.
~Toy Foxy~
Name: Toy Foxy The Pirate Fox Or Vixen
Nickname: TF
Species: Animatronic Fox
Personality: Brave, Adventurous.
>Is In A Relationship With CC
Likes: Pirates, Adventures, CC, And More
Dislikes: The Murderer, Toy Bonnie.
Bio: Is An Animatronic Toy Fox Built For Children's Entertainment.

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TC: Hi Umm, Uh, Fuck, Uh, Bebopippity Boop.
TF: Facepalms Do We Have To Sign Up?

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Dorothy wanders into the pizzera, not seeing anything like it I wonder if there are other ghosts here...? wanders up to showstage, taking out blue rabbit plush, hugging it and is about to cry mommy.... (open rp)

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Name: Dorothy

Age: 12

State: dead

Personality: child-like, is scared easily, gullible

Personal ownings: Rose, rabbit doll, mirror

Family: mother and father

Bio: Dorothy was very lonely. She was all alone in a big house with no one else but her mom and dad. They also had maids and servants, she liked to help them and talk with them.
But one day, Disater suddenly struck the house, the maids and servants all started to die, all the causes to the death were unknown. They all moved to a different house for Dorothy's sake.
One of the maids, A, was terrified because of all the deaths. Only Dorothy tried to understand her , though.
At the house, Dorothy was able to make her first friend. His name was Sue, but for some strange reason, he always put his signature as " w " this struck Dorothy as odd. They played hide and seek together, Dorothy was always 'it'
Everytime she won, she was given a gift, her father told her to give him a gift in return. The next day, Sue told her there'd be a consequence if she lost. This scared Dorothy, but she didn't know what he meant by 'consequence' by the time she got to the courtyard, she was met with a terrifying suprise. A was hung by a vine on one of the trees. She didn't see Sue for the rest of the day.
A few weeks later, Dorothy's expression was very dark, and she murmured words that could not be understood. She was taken to the hospital twice, but they said that nothing is wrong.
But when Sue did return, she gave him her gift. "Isn't it a pocket watch?" He asked, cracking a smile. She was happy and smiled brightly. "Yes, I prepared it this time."
She went to sleep that night, happy he liked the gift, but she didn't exactly have good dreams that night.
(Since it's so long, search "Hide And Seek: The Story Of Dorothy by Tabom")
After she woke up, she heard a familiar voice.
She ran to the porch. "" She asked, suprised. "Dorothy! You look like you had a nightmare." Her dad said, getting off the couch. "Yes.. It was very scary. I lost mom and dad in my dream. But I'm okay now." Her mom walked up to her. "It's okay Dorothy. I am here with you." She hugged here and smiled. "Okay. Mom."
There was short moment of silence afterwards, except one of the maids walked in. "Dinner is ready." She said, smiling. She left.
"Well, let's go eat something delicious."
"Okay, mom"
Her mom dad left for the dining room, she headed towards it too, after staring at the fireplace..... She thought it was over, they weren't being haunted anymore, the darkness was gone. She was wrong.
"Did you hear the news?"
"What news?"
"Our neighborhood. There was a house fire, one year ago, right?"
"Yes, of course."
"These days, in that house, there are stories that a small girls laughter can be heard."
"Yes that's right, I don't remember all of the story, but we speculated some of the unknown reasons that led to the death of the family."
"Right. That did happen, right?"
"Yes...and at that time, a small 12 year old girl was found in the closet, but her corpse was not just untouched, but even clean!"
"So I guess that her spirt is still here..."
"No way.... That's ridiculous. "
"It's the truth..."
Sue was standing in the remains of the burnt mansion.
"Hey, long time no see."
A teenage girl with long red hair appeared.
"You look the same as always, Sue."
"There are no reasons to change." The pocket watch slipped out of his hand. He bent down to pick it up, looking at it's unique design.
She smiled. "What is this?"
"Um....some kind of souvenir? "
"Oh you..." she laughed a bit.
Sue smirked. "It was pretty fun this time."
"Well...." she paused. "Maybe it is the same ordinary story. I don't want to hear your story."
"That's too bad!"


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Question are people from other games allowed here?
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Hi! I'm New!


I Be Back. This Time Renewed.

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I'm gonna take over all the communities on Google+ so watch out
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