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#Yoga_Poses That #Combat #Depression

There are many #yoga poses that individually can be helpful, but an #integrated, regular #yoga_practice, including #meditation, can reconnect you with your true #essence and your inherent #wholeness. In that space of “being,” there is a release of attachment to our #worries, #problems, #fears, or circumstances.
Here are five #poses that can specifically help with #depression.

See more ==> #200_Hour_YTT in #Rishikesh, #India

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#Yoga_Poses for #Stomach_Aches and #Constipation

A few minutes of daily #yoga_practice can help take care of #infrequent bowel movement, #prevent_straining and #bloating of #stomach and keep you happy and at #peace all day.

#Yoga helps #revitalize our #body and also #increases the flow of #blood and #oxygen in the system. Since most of the #yoga_postures involve #pelvic movement, yoga #practice can really help in #relieving constipation #woes.

See more ==> #Upcoming #200_Hour_YTT_Dates

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#Health_Benefits of #Vitamin_E
#Healthy_hair and #skin
Vitamin E is a powerful #antioxidant that helps decrease #environmental_damage to the hair and skin. It also promotes circulation to the scalp and helps strengthen capillary walls in the skin. It improves #skin_moisture and elasticity.
Vitamin E may help #decrease the risk of age-related macular degeneration, a common cause of #blindness. In order for vitamin E to be effective for vision, it must also be consumed with adequate intakes of #vitamin_C, beta carotene, and zinc.
Vitamin E deficiencies are rare, except in infants or in people with fat absorption problems, which are common for those who struggle with inflammatory bowel disease.
Deficiency symptoms include loss of muscle #coordination, #impaired vision, and speech.
Supplementing and consuming vitamin E-rich foods can have the following benefits:
The #RDA for vitamin E is 15 mg/day. The Daily Value is 27 mg/day.
1 oz: 7.3 mg (27% DV)
1 bunch: 6.9 mg (26% DV)
1 Tbsp: 4.2 mg (15% DV)
1 whole: 2.7 mg (10% DV)
1 ounce: 4.5 mg (17% DV)
2 Tbsp: 4.2 mg (15% DV)
1 Tbsp: 2.2 mg (11% DV)
1 cup, cubed: 2 mg (7% DV)
1 Tbsp: 2 mg (7% DV)
See more ==> #Yoga_Teacher_Training
Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Teacher Training

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"Yoga is not just an exercise, it is how skillfully you can communicate, and how skillfully you can act in any given situation." Yoga Teacher Training Course which is going to start from “12 Aug to 08 Sep 2017” in Rishikesh, India. Visit website.

Learn Classical Hatha Yoga

Get first hand experience on how Hatha Yoga can benefit you by attending Free Introductory Session on 26th April 2017, between 7 pm to 8.30 pm

Practices offered

Isha Upa Yoga
Isha Surya Kriya
Surya Shakti

Features of the program

Conducted by Certified Isha Hatha Yoga Teachers
Flexibility. attend either morning or evening session
Transform your body into a stepping stone towards ultimate well being
Instructor demo combination for better understanding
Continuous practice for 21 days sets a path towards a healthier and organized living that you always wanted..

Regular Price
AED 2200
Early Bird Offer AED 1800 before 10th May

> Adiyogashala students can get additional discounted price of AED 1500
> A concise 8 days program also offered for AED 1300 only (book before 10th May for AED 1000 only)

Organized By


161, Al Waha Street, Dubai, UAE

For more details contact
Ms. Sowmya
Mob: +971 55 955 2350


Lifeline Yoga
+971 55 471 4616

Whatsapp to +971 55 955 2350

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Contact Tecom massage for #bestmassage in Dubai. Click on
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