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Name: Stormcloud
Gender:she cat

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Hi everyone, I found this cool warriors site.
Encyclopedia of Warriors
Encyclopedia of Warriors

I'm going to completely remake my OC


Current name: Flowerfoot
Past name(s): Flowerpaw and Flowerkit
Future name(s): ??
Nickname(s): none
Origin of name:
Prefix: Her aunt's prefix
Suffix: Her gentle nature
Age: 19
Date of birth: January 25th
Place of birth: Windclan medicine place
Age at death: Undetermined
Cause of death: Undetermined
place of death: Undetermined
Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Gender: Female
Sexuality: straight
Meaning of sexuality: likes the opposite gender
Current clan: Windclan
Past clan(s): none
Future clan(s): none

Current rank: Warriors
Past rank(s) Apprentice, Kit
Future rank(s): IDK
Mother: Sandfur
Status: Dead WC
Father: Darky
status: Unknown kittypet
Brother(s): Frozenpaw
Status: Alive WC
Sister(s): Lightpaw, Ashpaw, and Featherpaw
Status: All alive in WC
Foster mother: none
Foster father: none
Foster brother(s): none
Foster sister(s) none
Other family: none
Mentor: Jayfoot
Appentice(s): Gorsepaw
Crush: Open
Past Crush: Oakpaw
Future Crush: Open
Mate: Open
Past mate: none
Future mate: Open
Kit(s): none yet
Friends: none :(
Enemies: none :)
Cat: IDK
Food: Thrush
Time: Moonhigh
Plant: Burdock
Season: Greenleaf
Scent: Flowers
Place: The moors

Least Favorite:
Cat: IDK
Food: Mouse
Time: Sunrise
Plant: IDK
Season: Leafbare
Scent: Shadowclan
Place: IDK
Main colour (fur): White
Second colour (fur): Golden
Third colour (fur): Gray
Fur Length: Long
Main colour (eyes): Blue
second color (eyes): Light blue
Third colour (eyes): Gray
Breed: IDK
Nose colour: brown
Pad colour: Pink
Inside ears colour: pink
Scars: One on her ear
Positive traits: Quiet, Kind, and Smart
Neutral traits: Shy
Negative traits: Cowardly, Akward
Kithood: IDK

Apprenticehood: She was pretty good at trianing to be a warrior, it was easy for her to learn new fighting moves and skills.

Warriorhood: She just became a warrior so.. nothing much to report



Art Credit:
OC owner(s)

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Likes: hunting
Dislikes: not being able hunt

When will Lilackit, Heatherkit, and Jetkit become apprentices?

+smilegaming aj
Lilackit prodded her pile of pine needles, pleased with her work. She sat back on her haunches, Jetkit and Heatherkit were play fighting on the other side of camp, she had been working on her pine needle pile since she awoke at mid sun.

fangstar walk to the highest rock ALL CATS ENOUGH PLZ JOIN IN THIS CLAN MEETING
Jetkit, for now on you'll be know as jetpaw
heatherkit for now on you'll be know as heatherpaw
liackit for now on you'll be know as liacpaw
Starclan will welcome your loyalty and until you get your warrior name

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Hello im new)
Name: Orchid-kit
Age:5 Moons
Clan: Shadowclan
Rank: KIT(Duh XD)
Likes:Trees,moss balls and moths
Dislikes:Basically everyone in riverclan
Siblings(Open also)
Personality: Determined, Stubborn,Intelligent,Gentle and
short tempered.
Looks like: Orange fur,Blue eyes and darker ginger stripes


{Open rp for anyone riverclan and Shadowclan the cat I'm using is name blackfoot and he is a dark forest cat }

*blackfoot walk in the shadows since he was a dark forest cat he wanted a cat to betrayed there clan he heard a cat yelled for there pray he saw you*
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