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Name : Sleekpaw
Breed: Egyptian Mau
Gender : Female
Personality : Spunky and Kind
Age : 13 moons
Clan - OasisClan
Weapon : Claws
Mental Weapon : Can read other cats thoughts and has the ability to camouflage against any surface.
Mate : SilverStar - Dead
Position : Queen
Appearance : Silver, sleek, and thin with yellowish green eyes
Kits: Silverkit and Dotted kit
Likes: Her kits and nice shaded days
Dislikes: Anyone who try to touch her kits and dreadful hot days

First pictures are kittens then its my character and let me know if you want to see what the father would have looked like.
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Hi! I'm new here

Name: Snow

Age: 19 Moons

Gender: Female

Rank: None

Clan: Loner

Weapon: Claws

Mate: None

Personality: Kind, Soft hearted and Brave
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+Captain Destro

Snow trods around the desert aimlessly where am I? she whines softly under her breath as she tries to run after a shrew

Hii holy crap i haven't been on this community in like forever

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{name} Sandpaw
{gender} Female
{Clan} None
{Rank} wants to be an warrior apperntice some day
{mother} Destinheart (DEAD)
{father} rainpelt (DEAD)
{littermates} None
{age} 7 moons
{weapon} teeth and claws
{Mate} To young
{bio} a small kit her mother Killed kicked out of her clan becouse other cats thought she killed her mother now after walking and walking she is in new lands lost hungry and all hope lost
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Open RP for clan cats
A sand colered cat what looks to be the age of a kit or older wonders onto your territory

You see Something not sand to light to be that its small so you decide to investigate

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Name : night terror
Gender : female
Age : 19 moons
Weapon : teeth and claws
Mental weapon : Teleportation and controlling the swallows
Mate : None
personality:secretive and loving
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Blackpaw trods around the lake to find some mint for Toby,her fur was ruffled because she tried to dig up some marigolds I just wanna find these mints so I could go to sleep She muttered to herself
*Open to anyone who wants to RP*

Yoooo-hoooooo anybody home?
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