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Welcome to the AstroBoy community. 
If you don't know, AstroBoy is that cute little robot boy with the red boots and pointy hair. This is a community just for him! :)
In this community you can discuss all things Astro Boy, show off Fan Art and Comics, and show off your own AMVs or ones that you like a lot.

Please do not post anything in this category. Please put any questions in the comments and we will answer them shortly.

Here are some rules (MUST READ!):
I warn you, this is a strict community when it comes to rules, otherwise, we are very loose. It's fun until you disobey the rules.

1) No, repeat, ABSOLUTELY NO PORN!!!!!!
That means no yucky sexual things, although kissing (fully-clothed and opposite gender) is ok. 
Also, no naked people. Girls can't show too much cleavage. And can't be half naked. But guys without their shirt on is alright.
Keep things PG for our younger members. That also means to keep down on the blood and violence and horror. I don't like it myself. But a little is ok. Also no drugs or alcohol; no drinking or smoking.
If you fail to follow this simple rule, you will be banned immediately and will be reported for disobeying rules! Also, when you are banned for this reason, all posts that are involved will be deleted.

2) No foul language!
NO foul language is allowed in hangouts, on comments, in posts, and on drawings. Failure to follow this will result in a ban, but you will not be reported.

3) Be nice to fellow artists!
That means you cannot criticize them on their artwork in a mean way. It is ok if you give them nice critiques. We want to help our fellow artists improve, so lets do it the right way. Failure to be nice will result in a warning. After 3 warnings, you will get reported. If you continue, you will be banned.

4) Please no double posting.
If you post the same thing more than once, then I will just delete the post for you! ^^
Whether it was accidental or not. ^^
If this becomes a problem and if you are reposting too much, then I will ban you.

5) Go by Google+ rules.
Its as simple as that. If you can not do that, then ohhhhhhh boy are you in a lot of trouble!

5) Anybody can join!!!!
Any age, any race, any personality, and any level of artistic ability!
This also ties into rule 3. If you cannot respect other's race, personality, age, or artistic level, you will be given a warning. After 3 warnings, you get reported, and if you continue, you will be banned.

If everyone follows the rules, we can sustain a nice, enjoyable, fun, and TOTALLY AWESOME community!

Now, if you would please go to the next category (Introduce Yourself) and tell us about yourself, show some of your art, and let us know why you joined our community. After that, you can have fun!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Please tell all your AstroBoy lovin' friends about our community and check out the creator's profile! KaitlynDrawsManga:


I'm wondering why the tag line says the original Astro bout community 1960 when the original was 1860 and the back drop for the community is 2003


Very old

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Hi everyone! My name is William, and I've joined this community since I love the series Astro Boy so damn much! I loved robots when I was a kid, and the series is my favorite anime of all time! Speaking of Astro Boy, I drew the main titular protagonist himself back in April 19, 2016!

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