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New Release, OBRevenge 2017.05


-Updated to newest Calamares
-Fixed bug with hotkeys when changing desktop settings
-Bluetooth support
-Updated software install tool
-Added more support for multimedia keyboard keys
-Added GUI screenshot tool
-Added more touchscreen drivers
-Linux kernel 4.10.13-1
-Updated compositing configuration for better hardware support
-Removed compiz (still available in the repo)

Hey just want to say i just installed obmate, loaded my old i3 configs FLAWLESS, i have to say its arch with perks, the obinstaller crashed but it came with the calamares installer too and that worked great, i love having a nice mate desktop with arch and dont have to spend hours fixing stupid things, small minimal and just fantastic, since apricity just disappeared i was in search for another and i found it THANKS

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Creeping on up... :)

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I tried to install "grub-customiser" from AUR. It did install, but when I click on icon it doesn't launch... I'm running a VM Vbox triple boot with OBRevenge, Krevenge, and MateRevenge. I finally used your mate revenge tool tool to fix grub, and it worked. I had the same issue when I ran Manjaro triple boot (KDE,XFCE.Gnome) the grub only showed the latest OS installed, but the "grub-customiser" worked though. Any idea about what can cause the hanging?? Thanks in advance. Awesome distros, still waiting for OBRevenge Gnome...

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Just pushed updates to the software install tool (all three variations) that will now show you which applications are installed already. A recent update also fixed the problem with some icons not showing up. Enjoy.

Hi just installed OB-R, love it. nicer than arch xfce or other flavours. My question is with sand-boxing. I've never used it before. I just installed tor-browser-sandboxed.

I'd like to do the same to other applications including qbittorrent.
I'm no techie, can you guys point me to some good tutorials sites, so I can further understand the process involved in sandboxing apps.
BTW is there OB irc channel ?
A Big Thanks in advance !

Any chance of a LXQt version?

OBRevenge is at #13 on Distrowatch for last 7 days!
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