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Anyone here recently picked up a OnePlus 3/3T? I made a new community to support this device. (So-long Samsung)

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Genuine Real Leather S5 Case

Android 6.1 Marshmallow is now out for ATT GS5

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Great video on why the Samsung 7 series is disappointing, however his predictions at the very end did not pan out. Why not to get the Samsung 7.

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Hi guys, i would like to share my app here.

Thanks for your attention.

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Are you interested on Hangouts group for s5.
Interested please post your Gmail.

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My s5 900H is 20 months old and so is its battery.
I am rooted and have flashed rom many time.
Battery backup till now is 4.30 hrs screen time and used to be 6.30 hrs screen time when it was new.
I have never droped it down.
Now i have problem in my s5 that is its screen flickers at low brightness level and also on power save mode.
But on auto enabled brigjtness it doesnt flicker.
I dont know who is culprit screen or battery.
Help me please

hello all
Can i request someone who can make cm rom for s5 900h.
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