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If there is any member interested in helping to moderate this community, then please let me know.
I am looking for someone to help keep out the spam and other posts not directly relating to UB and or it's teachings.

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Please check out Pato!

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Welcome to the Google + Urantia Book community.
Feel free to post, but spam and trolls will be deleted.

Hello everyone in urantia community,my name is Anthony and I do believe in alit of what the book teaches but my beliefs are still centered on Bible,i live Jesus like he's my father and king and leader,i know this site isn't really active but that's fine by me,i read the urantia book back in 2008,the whole thing,lol,anyway love and light to all in this community.

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"An introduction to Jesus in The Urantia Book. First shown at the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions."

I can only say: a very beautiful and well produced video.

Hello. Very new to this book and this community. A spiritual advisor friend recommended the urantia book to me and I am thru the forward and into part one. Right from the beginning, my old prejudices emerged and judgement of what I thought it would be or should be emerged.
I asked God to set aside what I think this should look like for an open mind and a new experience, and continued reading.
My question is, has any one here had the same experience?

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Hello everyone. I am the moderator. I have showed up again and deleted some spam and some things that violate the community rules. I banned one member.
I am a bit of hard-ass when it comes to sticking strictly to discussing the meanings and reflections of UB verses.
This community does not get distracted with a million other things, but we only concentrate on the words of Urantia Book and what they mean to us.

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I love this portion of UB.

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I haven't been keeping a very close eye on the community, but I  am checking back in to see how things are going with all the good folks that have joined this UB based community. It could be a great resource for contacting other UB souls. Use it to your full advantage. Just keep everything UB based and we will see what develops with connectivity.
We have 108 members now!
That is  a very important and rare 108 people.
I hope you all realize that.
My His peace be with you!
Call out the name of the Lord and you will be saved!
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