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家族のメンバー/Family Members:

+Winter Vocals
+Glowing Vocals
+Lost vocals
+nerdy vocals
+Shiny vocals
+lost vocals


① 成熟したコンテンツはありません
② オーナーとモデレーターを尊重する
③ いじめなし
④ ご質問がある場合はお気軽にお問い合わせください
⑤ 適切なカテゴリに投稿を送信する
⑥ お互いに素敵な人

Rules and Regulations

① No mature contents
② Respect the owner and moderators
③ No bullying
④ Feel free to ask if you have any questions
⑤ Send your posts in the right category
⑥ Be nice to each other

スクリーンショット/Screenshot by: +Winter Vocals
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Attention everyone!
To who are Project Diva Future Tone Idols community members!

There's some issues happened in the community!Somebody had a thought to change the whole thing of the community!(Eg. cover picture,community name & description)

Gladly,everything is settle down nowand that person had been kicked out from the community!I'm afraid if our community have a person like that...

Also,the community cover picture is just done and it's temporary!I think we should help them but before helping them to change it,we should ask for their permission!!

This is the end of my speech,thank you!

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Hey,everyone!Your leader is back,Glow is finally back to the Vocals Family again!!

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Can ghost join the family ( she could be the sister of pierretta) ( and she could be the evil one )

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I've changed the community categories,I remove the fanart request and project diva pictures request categories since we don't send requests here then I added a new category which is Project Diva Magical Warriors

I need ideas for next week when I get unbanned from the ps4 I need ideas for the banner and maybe profile pictures for people

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It's crazy I thought i joined

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Hey guys I'm thinking should I make a new background well it's up to +Glowing Vocals

Here is a discussion of me and the other moderators!

Ok,does anybody have some ideas for making this community looks more special/unique and ideal?
Another question is...
Which ways can be used for attract more members to our community?

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