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This mobile app explainer video demonstrates the way users can get branded #products for FREE by using the app. We have plenty more work to show you. So get in touch if you can't see a #video in your industry #explainervideo #mobileappcompany

Hello Members, Hope you all doing good. I was wondering if you can help me with deciding on a domain name through which I wish to provide digital marketing services to businesses. Services like Content writing, Social media management, SEO, Website development, Mobile apps etc.

So, basically, my domain name is and I was wondering if that might be suitable for the kind of services I want to sell.

My personal idea behind choosing this name was that its very easy to memorize and because modern marketing is everything about quality content, it is somewhat relevant too.

What do you think? I would appreciate any advice from you. Best wishes!

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Today #explainervideos are an integral part of every #business promotion. Take a look at the steps you should know before opting for one.

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Stock trading through smartphones is now a reality. Convert your phone into the new generation trading platform with IIFL MARKETS app

Fill out sheet.

This is a fill out sheet below copy and print the below. This is for a starter that gives you a kick into the world of business. If you already have I business It might be good to go over this and see what you have done :). 


The number one thing that you need to have in order for a good business is something that people want. Your product/services are what the whole business revolves around.
So try answering these questions: 

What can you give to your customers?
Why would they want it?
What makes it different? (you don’t have to fill all of it in)
OK, assuming that you have something that people want, that you can give and that is unique, we will continue... Now you need to target your customers. What group of people will like what you can give or who was it made for? Keep the answer in your pocket and we will get back to that. 

What's the most powerful thing that a business should have? POPULARITY! People have to know that you are there, in order to get what you have for them. So you are going to make your own website. I recommend Weebly! It's free, it's big, it's shiny, and most importantly it hooks up with social media! Speaking of which after you make your website you need to get Twitter and set it so that it posts every thing you post in Twitter on Facebook. Then when you hook weebly up with Twitter whenever you post something on weebly it will go to Twitter and Facebook. Remember that these accounts must be separate from your account's.
SOCIAL MEDIA(these are the most necessary):
twitter [ ]
facebook [ ]
google+ [ ]
linkedin [ ]

Try to check of all of the above by getting an account for each one.


Your website is like a paragraph. The home page is the topic sentence. It should sum up the whole site and get people interested in it. To do that again we will answer these questions.
Why? (did you make your business)
How? (Did you do it? and How do you do what you do?)
What? (What do you have to offer)
Why did you make this business? Appeal to the human emotions so that they want to get in on it. 
How did you do it? Explain what you did and went through in order to do it.
What is it? Now explain what you provide for them and what's so great about it by giving them the answers to the questions we first came to: 
What can you give to your customers? (what is it?)
Why would they want it? (what does it do for them?)
What makes it different? (what's unique about it?)
Remember the answer to: What group of people will like what you can give or who was it made for? (Who are you targeting?)
Well now you can put that information to use.
When you answer the question "Why?" appeal to your targeted people group.
Find out what they would think, if they would want it and if they would get excited and tell their friends.

On your home page use pictures. Pictures catch attention, and that's what you want.
Make your homepage memorable for the viewers. 
If you need to see it in action go to,, or and see what things those sites did that matches up with what I said. Then come back and write down what you remember about one or both of them.
Great now maybe think of what made those things memorable and try to use those thing for your site. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Great now you’ve got a business started! the only things needed now are licences, but we don’t go over that here. 

Hope you learned a lot from this and have a great day!

Don't sell... Solve.

Today let's talk about your product( the thing that you provide ). Remember that it's not about you so... You have to be giving them something that they will want. A great way of doing that is not only giving them something enjoyable but something that solves a problem. That way your product is a releafe. How so? Well... Say that some one is wants to take a picture of there screen, and they can't. That's a problem. Well if you provide a screen shot program then your product is a releafe to the customer. What you can do as well is just try adding something to your product to make it solve a problem. So try it out. Mess around with it. See what you can do. 
Just remember: Don't sell... Solve.

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