Mmhh i think this community is dead :(

Im Landing with my doughter on kashyyyk to try to stop the wookie slaving. Lets See what will happen...

+Fire Queen of fire​​​ join my Crew, I can teach you the ways of the Light and the dark

Name Used In Rp: Jedi Master Clemen
Name: Clementine
Master: N/A
Apprentice: N/A
Rank: Leader
Faction: Jedi
Bp: 45,000
Ep: 30,000
Hp: 20,000
Sex: Female
Type: Intelligence, Balanced, Attack

Bio: A young female Jedi that got away during order 66. Has trained years and has formed the bew light army slaying Sith Lords everywhere.

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+Clementine Hutchison​ vs +Darth Ninetales​ strongest Jedi and Sith clash

no limb cutting is aloud unless said so by me
i will keep track of Hp
you can use the force but no force throwing or choking unless I say so

The very first fight is between the strongest.
+Darth Ninetales I challenge you!! Kotara!! *a green blade sways in ready motion*​

My profile
Profile Bio
Name Used In Rp:sharen
Name:sharen calen
Master:i train my self
Apprentice:sheray calen (my doughter, 16years old and my wife is dead)
Faction:grey jedi But in no faction

bio:im a 35 year old man, living in a spaceship. I left the jedi order befor order 66 and got a wife. She was also force sensitiv But not so strong. Soon we got our doughter,shreray.she was strong in the force. We Hunted imperials and sabotaged some Stuff, But in one of our raids my wife died in my arms. I trained my doughter in the force and gived her my second blue lightsaber But soon we got to ilum, and she created er own two lightsabers, because I trained her, to fight with one and two. I am Exploring the force, I went to the sith temple to know dark side and I was in the jedi order to know the Light side
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