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name: keth rent (yes again)
Age: 18
gender: male
personality: caring for friends 
job: none
creature: mostly demon 
powers: darkness
weapon: bow
bio: he doesnt say

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Hello my loves

Name: Cake

Age/Appearance: My age can change by will, My eye color varies from brown, silver, red and blue, My hair color stays the same but length differs.

Gender: Female

Personality: Playful, Blunt, Caring, a little mysterious with a dark side

Job: Chef, Healer, undercover scientist

Creature: Not a human nor a creature

Able to fully heal young humans and creatures and nature but has little effects on elder humans/Creatures

Tends to gardens and communicate with the plants in order to hive them their needs to grow. I am also able to use plants as a tool for fighting or healing

Weapons: Cake bombs, Chef knives, medicinal herbs, sword when needed

Bio: I've been around a while although I am not really old. My occupation is a restaurant owner and scientist, I've raised one of my little brothers after our parents passed, when he left the rest of my siblings were in search for me for some reason. I love people, food, nature but I really hate people who don't try and bullies.

Hello hello ~ thank you for the invite~
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