Am I alone in noticing a problem with Pinterest and U Tube clips. Most of mine no longer play, just displaying 'There's a problem' message, clips on other boards do the same.. and I appear unable to 'Pin' direct from U Tube any more . Most of my Pinterest use is music and educational video clips so its a big pain, but Im not sure if its just me.? There is a suggestion of U Tube introducting a subscription service 'U Tube Key' , and I wondered if this might see them curb people Pinning ?

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I am not a developer, but I was surprised about the lack of apps for controlling unfollowers. So I created a couple of scripts in awk, that filters the unfollowers in a text file.
It looks like for followers/following pages, the tip from +Giancarlo Vivenzio, to append ?page=x to the url, doesn't work.
The only thing I need to fix for a complete "personal app", is to figure out what is the html URL/code for unfollowing.
What do you think about it?

So it appears the pinterest rss feed is dead when you switch to their new interface.  If you switch back to the original the rss feeds work again. I found that the "new look" pinterest site redirects requests to an rss page from something like


The latter results in an error.

Apparently the pinterest rss feeds are no longer available.  Trying to find out more info.

Hi everyone!  So we still don't have an official pinterest api yet but that doesn't mean we can't develop against pinterest data.  There are a lot of creative developers out there using pinterest data so I wanted to create this community to pull those people together.

If you are working on a project that involves pinterest data or a pinterest api feel free to post it here.  Just be sure to include some details on how you accomplished what you're doing so others can learn from it.

Just an FYI for people screen scraping out there.  Pinterest has changed their image URL structure which may or may not break what you've done.

Here's an example of the new structure:

Thumb Image

Large Image

The "550x" and "192x" represents the width of the image.  550px is currently the largest image Pinterest will serve.

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I've seen a lot of interest in a JSON view of pinterest data so I created one.  On my website you can import pictures from any number of online sources (including pinterest of course).  When you build your photo collection you will have RSS, JSON options that you can use with your own projects.

For example I created the following photo list by importing one of my pinterest boards.  I created it so I could sort it and add more granular labeling

Photo list

Here's the RSS feed

Here's the JSON feed

And here's an embed-able gallery

Pinterest does have rss feeds they are just very limited because they don't allow paging.  So you won't get all of the data available.

Here's how to get an rss feed for a user. It will return the user's boards.  "carloviv15" is my pinterest user name.

To get the images in a specific board replace feed.rss with the url name of the board.  To get the url name of the board just click on the board on the pinterest website and copy it from the url.  

For example the link to my baby ideas board is

So the rss feed is

Screen scraping seems to be the best way to currently page through a long pinterest board.  To get to more than the first page of results just append ?page=x to the url.  

So page 2 of a board would look like

All of the data is available on page load (not loaded with ajax) so you can screen scrape it easily with any server side language.

Since you don't know how many pages will be available for a given board you   just have to check for any available images on the current page.  If there aren't any you're past the last page.
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