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9 minutes in and Atlanta already up 1-0. Way to go United

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I'm listening to 92-9 The Game with TuneIn. #NowPlaying

Atlanta United match on radio

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United on fire in the snow

2 - 0! AUFC! 

Eventful first game for Atlanta.
Asad scored our first goal, however NY scored back-to-back in the last 15 minutes.
Good Things
Our team has lots of rising stars
We are quick on the counter attack
Bad Things
We lose our stamina too quickly
Our fans throw beer at the ref
We get to aggressive when we're losing

I'm dissapointed in the falcons.....
they're defense choked.....
we stopped making plays.....
we had a 19 point lead!
and we blew it....

Atlanta has only won 1 national title
in all sports

When do you guys think Atl Utd's kits and players are gonna come in FIFA 17?

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Who all likes the new kit?
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Are you ready for Mercedes-Benz Stadium?
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