Once again my wife start looking for things to get mad about. She just does not seem to want to be happy. Everything about her seem as if the only time she finds joy is when there confusion and anger. I need your prayers, we need your prayers. I am asking for your prayers. This spirit that seems to be on or in her needs to be broken.

I need prayer and my family need prayer. My life has been turn upside down in past week. First I found out that my sister has colon cancer and next that it is stage 4 type cancer. Next things I did in the past is come to bit me in my marriage at the same time the Father is starting to show great bless on me. I need your prayers for my sister health and for my marriage. Darrell is my name and Sarah is my wife name. I want my marriage to be save, I want to sty marriage, I really want to be a real husband. Would you please pray for me.

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