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Once upon a time there was a pony named princess Skyla. She is a nice friendly pony. She cleans up everything that is dirty.
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Real me ch 1.what?!

One day,twight was walking back to her castle.Hello.Said voice.Whos there?!She yelled.Something grabbed her.Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She yelled.She passed out,when she woke up queen crystleis was there.Help!!!She yelled,but it was kind of quit becuse a chane was around her neck that was cunecked to a joint ball.I tuck a dyanae sample,it maches mine.Said Crystleis.Wait that means.Said Twight.Yep,I'm ur mom.Said Crystleis.But,how.Said Twight.I gave u up becuse are king dom was losing to the G3 ponies I attacked equestria at the wedding to kind u.Said Crystleis.She maid the chain dispersed.Mom.Said Twight.They hugged each other.I'll tell them that changling arn't evil.Said twight.U can't tell every pony.Said Crystleis.Why not.Said Twight.Changling hunters are all over equstria,mostly in the every free forest.Said Crystleis.I'll tell the prinsess and my freinds.Said twight.Great.Said Crystleis.On the way home,something grabbed twight.

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LOST SOULS The new series
horror and sad
Main Characters: 
Crystal Rose
Princess Gold Lily(Crystal Rose's mother) 
Ms. Cupcake(Crystal's fairygodmother)
Cherilee(Crystal's other step mother)
Fluttershy (Crystal's PFF)
Pinkie Pie (Crystal's other PFF)
Twilight (Crystal's 3rd PFF)
Apple Jacob( Apple Jack's brother and Crystal's BF)
Lightning Blitz (Fluttershy's BF)
Bad characters: 
Little Heart
Crista Mare
Carrot Cookiez
Karloz Crem 
The story:
Crystal Rose was a little filly when there was ponies hunting down her mother and her kind, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance, and Princess Sterling survived. But her mother however wasn't sure. Princess Gold Lily was hunted down, after, Princess Gold lily found her friend, Ms. Cupcake, her husband and her 2 children "Please take care of Crystal, she's just a filly" Princess Gold Lily pleaded"I will, your majesty" Ms. Cupcake bowed "Thank you, you are a good friend of mine" Princess Gold Lily thanked "SHE'S THERE! GET HER!!" One of the soldiers yelled "I gotta go!" Princess Gold Lily said and flew away Crystal:" Cries " "Come in, honey" Ms. Cupcake smiled.
Find how Crystal will get back with her mother find out more in...

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Name:ice cube
Family:daughter of luna(don't jog)older sister,neace of purple gem
CM meaning:using ice powers

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Hi I am new here I just wanna show my 3 oc's witch is is almost being 2. So first one is  Shining Heart. She is an alicorn. Next one is Daisy Peeps. Daisy is a pony. Last is Note Light. She is an unicorn (WOW ALL OF MY OCS ARE MLP SPECIES!!!!) 
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Cyber Bully of Diamond Crush:
Cyber Bully...Seems so...PAINLESS but... It is more... 
One normal day at Diamond Crush's house she was online chatting with her friends and then her enemy chatted with her...
Ponycon: Chrisalis LIZ
Diamond Crush: Hey! Sup!
Chrysalis LIZ: Eww!!! Don't talk to me you loser! 
Diamond Crush: W..what, we're friends! 
Chrysalis LIZ: WE WERE NEVER FRIENDS!! you are so stupid! That's why your BF broke up with you!
Diamond Crush: W..what?!
Chrysalis LIZ: sends a picture of her and Diamond Crush's BF kissing
"Diamond?? are you home??" Said her PFF Sparkle Wishes " Gasps" "Echo: DIA! PLEASE!" 
looks at Ponycon
Sparkle Wishes: She's gone too far!
at school
Crowd murmuring seeing Sparkle Wishes walk in very angrily
Sparkle Wishes: You b*t*h! Y...YOU KILLED DIAMOND!
Chrysalis: No, I didn't I barely touched her 
Sparkle Wishes: snatches phone then what are these messages?! You are EVIL! YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE! walks into English Class
Chrysalis: I didn't know I've gone that far 
crowd looking at Chrysalis angrily
Christal: I don't think I want to be friends with you anymore
Chrysalis: standing alone in the Mane Hall What have I done?
Cyber Bullying is never good, think about things you've done, going too....Far

Chapter one:

It was a Beautiful Day in the land of Equestria. Ponies were cheerful,birds were singing,and the animals ran around the valley. It was spring. Then, a young mare had woken up. "What time is it??" She said.
And that mare's name was Golden Lily. She was tired due to school. She yawned and said "Oh no! I forgot about school!" She jumped out of her bed. "I'm going to be late again!" Golden Lily got ready and ate breakfast. "Honey! Dont eat to much you will-"  Said her mom. Golden Lily chocked on her cereal. "Choke......" Her mom said. Her mom handed her milk.Golden Lily gulped the milk. "Thanks mom." She said in relief.Then Golden Lily said goodbye to her mom with a kiss,then she went on the bus.

this is my first chapter of my new book called "Hope"

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Name: Neon Burst
CutieMark:Rainbow with neon colors
Likes:Neon colors,anything neon in it
Dislikes:Mean Stallions,Rude ponies

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