Have anyone use or import gantt-chart into a web component or use it in Polymer 2 ?

I am going to implement user authentication with polymer starterkit now.
I want to create login page as first screen on it.( in starter kit login page is on draw layout, but I want to create full screen).

If you have many experience with polymer, Please help me

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The Text boxes should be one for email and the other one for password.

On click of the button you should show a message dialog as "Your User name is(Value from text) and your password is (value from text)".

Email text should accept only valid email format.


pls help me with a code


i have a project where in the login page i need to validate the email text box that it should accept only email format pls help me

I am going to integrate my project(Polymer 2.0) with polymer theme.
but I can not find themes for polymer 2.0. Please help me.

Has anyone tried Google App Engine+Google Cloud Storage+Polymer project?
I am looking on how to add files to google cloud storage from a custom element.

Has anyone added the firebase-message-sw.js in the polymer-cli project. I added this file works fine and I get push notifications. Sometimes the firebase-messaging-sw.js is activated but not running. In the dev tools I can start it up again but how can I make this happen automatically?

If i clear my browser history and cache and restart the app everything is fine.

+Rob Dodson +Matt Gaunt

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With Polymer 2.0's I seem to now be able to declare attributes using classes like Set or Map. https://github.com/Polymer/polymer/issues/3751

So I was wondering, if that means that I can now have an ES6 class-based model for a component. For example, if I have a view named car-detail can I declare a field called model like this: model: {type: Car, value: new Car()} where Car is some externally defined ES6 class that I've imported into my component.

If so, this would be really nice, since I could have a domain/model class that's used on both the client and the server (in Firebase Functions).

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Great session

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can anybody help me?, i can't solve it
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