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Hey Fiona Fox here I am not a fangirl of Scourge's kingdom ok
I'm surely not trying to be queen ppl so yea it's cool to be here in this place

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walking into a bar

walking around in side the castle alone and sees a pool

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Esmeralda is seen observing the beautiful garden before her.'s fascinating...(RP Open!)

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Esmeralda aka CDSonic the Emerald Porcupine
Age: 21 (physically)
Weight: Unspecified
Gender: None (uses female pronouns)
Alignment: Neutral
Likes: Sage the Echidna, Being of assistance, comfort food, Red Velvet, Cream Soda, making references, scary stuff, retro gaming, making friends, adventure
Hates: People who harm her friends, jumpscares, the close-minded, being biased
Bio: Born as a green emerald deep within the core of Little Planet, Esmeralda, or CDSonic (by her friends) the Emerald Porcupine is the kind guardian of the seven Time Stones. It gets really boring as a guardian of a whole planet, so she continues to search for adventure, finding hidden caverns, stumbling to new worlds, different universes, and alternate dimensions, all the while obtaining new abilities and making friends along the way. She loves a good adventure from time to time, even to test out her newfound powers.
Personality: Esmeralda is kind of a nervous wreck. She gets scared and surprised too easily, but is always on duty, so much so that even Little Planet follows her wherever she goes. She is also noted to be a bit of a pushover, but she's never out from a good laugh. As a leader, she is known to be extremely graceful under pressure. Her will never seems to falter, making her a worthy guardian. She really gets a kick out of a good match.
Esmeralda is also really unbiased, pointing out the good and the bad in a situation. She's known to show hatred to the female gender, despite her using female pronouns; she knows how cold they can be. As of the battle with Scourge the Hedgehog in the Sonic universe, she has been noted to be extremely submissive to vulger behavior.
Design: Esmeralda is a 21 year old (physically) Viridian colored porcupine with glistening Ivory irises. She sports a matte shade of her most favorite color; Green, with an Arcane White torso. She wears black gloves with emerald coated rings on each of her wrists and a pair of green and black tennis shoes. She wears a slim (not thin!!!), long sleeve black thermal with fitted sweat pants, also black, made so that it gives off an illusion of a "onesie". Her gem is located on the back of her left hand, clearly seen thanks to a hole on her left glove. Her main top spikes are 2 shades of green, and there are two black stripes on her back. The spikes are also ingeniously curled at the very tips. Her height and build matches that of full-fledged adult woman. (The appropriate kind, not the provocative kind.) Her lips are naturally green, and her eyelids are black. (It seems like she wears makeup, but that's not true.)
Powers: By gathering sheer courage and will to fight, Esmeralda has the powers of the Special Gems from the Bejeweled Series (excluding Stars) that give her various transformations and abilities. As an Era 1 Gem, she has enhanced endurance, durability, strength, and unlimited stamina. She can survive within the vacuum of space, and her body can fully adapt to any and every environment. She does not age, and is self-sustained (she doesn't need to eat or sleep). After the battle of the Pillar Men in the Naruto universe, she gained Wammu's wind powers and as such is able to use them efficiently. (Wind Mode)
Transformations: The Special Gems are Esmeralda's various capabilities. Depending on the type of Special Gem, there are a total of 3 transformations; Power, Star, and Hyper Cube. (Power, a glistening star on CDSonic's chest with enhanced strength and impervious defense; Star, coursing bio-electricity with a speed and agility boost; Hyper Cube; rainbow fur and no visible irises with energy purification attributes, a healing factor, and reparation capabilities) She can also combine the Power Gem and the Star Gem together. (Blitzkreig; a combination of the Power Gem and Star Gem, coursing stars with speed and strength) The Hyper Cube, on the other hand, is separately used for drastic measures.
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walking to a garden alone

Fang the sniper
Age 24
Gender male
Race weasel

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I'm really sorry, i had to do it for safety reasons!!

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walks to sit this place needs upgrade has headphones on stupid things.
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