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You can ASK to become a moderator (not a 100% guaranteed, though)
You are able to ask me anything related to me, the community, or anything else
Be mindful of others opinions as they are different from yours
No spamming
If the game has other media associated with it (fanart, books, movies, sequels, prequels, etc) they are allowed

Anyone is allowed to post news
Needs to be as ACCURATE as possible

As easily as given to you, it CAN AND WILL be taken away If you abuse the power
When there's a request about something, come see me about it
If there's a problem that you are concerned or can't fix, send the problem to me
You can NOT make other people moderators

These rules can change unexpectedly (doesn't mean always) to fit the ENTIRE community, and any questions, comments, and/or concerns goes to me´╗┐

I Want Moder OWO

Plz Don't Hurt Me I Sorry QwQb

Are You Stupid Sensei OwO
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