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Dark to Pink Lips Naturally

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Acupuncture Can Relieve Back & Knee Pain
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Thanks Sweetie...For This Invite!

Thanks for the invite... +Debra Vail

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SEXUAL HISTORY FORM (we maintain complete secrecy and privacy of your personal information)
Name (if you want to disclose)
Height (approximate)
Weight  (approximate)
Contact : Phone -                                     Email –
Diet:  Vegan                              Vegetarian                          Non-Vegetarian                           Other
Sexual problem being faced:
Erectile dysfunction
Premature ejaculation
Sexual aversion
Sexual phobia/fears
Sexual inhibition
Sex addiction
Sexual hyperexcitability with discharge
Sexual deviancy/paraphilias
Sexual fatigue
Nocturnal emission/Nightfall/Wet dreams
Lack of desire
Sexual arousal disorder
Sterility(low sperm counts/unhealthy sperm)
Congenital deformity (from birth deformity of male sex organs)
Failure of orgasm
Vaginal dryness
Painful intercourse
Sexual fatigue
Sexual aversion
Sexual fear/phobia
Sexual inhibition
Lack of desire
 Frigidity/ sexual arousal disorder
Sexual deviancy
How long have you been facing this problem?
Past treatments taken
Other treatments
Other Current health problems being faced
Heart disease
Thyroid disease
Other diseases if any
For female patients
Current medications and doses
Any other JST therapies/supplements being taken now
Who has been your contact person/representative in JST for these therapies?
How did you hear about us?

Kindly send ur email here

                                                       --SURENDER GOEL
Hitherto I think no more
The mask o’ her black eyes;
May grieved ye sore, ere
To lark, to feast all the joys.

Made me the grit o’ folk-eyes
Leer the elite in I’s tales;
Hoax and craze him the fawn-eyes,
And he cruised in her folly sails.

A Juno!  Whom I loved,
She too loved me at first;
I squander all in talk o’ beloved,
And she prolated my thirst.

She met me beneath the fosse-pier
In the diana o’ full bloom;
Blithely we enjoyed swimming and choir,
She went home in lust and gloom.

Henceforth, she met me in the meadows
Bare footed, playing with a foal;
Her curling locks and raven brows,
I behold her rosy cheeks, on left a mole
All this made her fairy’s beautiful,
She came to me in her graceful walk;
I put my arms around her waist, in cheerful
Voice she embraced me and lovingly talk.

Give me thy ring as a token o’ love
I did so by kissing her on the mole;
And pace ahead into the woods to rove,
To cheer each one both we dole.

There seems a colourful lake
Comely, wearing a red mantle;
She put a stone and waters shake,
And waves run through a mingle.

I scattered water on the maid
She blithely laugh’d and sue;
I hugged her and she lovingly said,
I   love  thee    true.

She took me to her shepherd hovel
Th’re   she fond me and sing;
A   shepherd carol,
And told  me  her  ego’s  king.

Her lulls availed me half-napping
And visioned  a horrible  scene;
Black-masked men came to me and sting,
She laugh’d  along with her kins.

Cruel her laugh and o’ mote
Sucking my blood in passion;
Afraid  was I  and thought,
All this was true or illusion!


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