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Suggested Reading List for New Heathens by Todd Keyser

Here is my suggested reading list for those first starting out in Heathenry. In my opinion it gives the most material for a low cost (as eventually you will become addicted to buying books) and is formatted where the information builds upon the material read before it. There are some great reading lists out there (as well as some shit ones), this is just mine.

Each title will have either a free online source, a good place to purchase, or both

Suggested Reading List
STAGE ONE: Heathen Worldview 101, learning the worldview will help you understand the stories contained in the Eddas, Sagas, Saxo
*Culture of the Teutons by Vilhelm Gronbech
*Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity by James Russell
*Under the Cloak by Jon Hnefill Adalsteinsson $25 at
*A Piece of Horse Liver by Jon Hnefill Adalsteinsson $25 at
*Feud in Icelandic Sagas by Jesse Byock

*Sagas: especially Egils saga, Gísla saga, Hrafnkels saga, Njáls saga, Laxdæla saga, Grettis saga and Ynglinga saga. The Saga Hoard Vol 1 and Vol 2 as well as The Saga of Icelanders are excellent collections of various Sagas
*We Are Our Deeds by Eric Wodening
*Hammer of the Gods or The Belief of the Tribe by Swain Wodening, both are excellent but there is a lot of overlap between the two

*Poetic Edda by Snorri Sturlason
*Prose Edda by anonymous
*9 Books of Danish History by Saxo Grammaticus
*Beowulf by anonymous
*Road to Hell by Hilda Ellis Davidson
*Investigating the Afterlife Concepts of the Norse by Bil Linzie
*The Tradition of Household Spirits by Claude Lecouteux
*Lost Beliefs of Northern Europe by Hilda Ellis Davidson
*The Mead Hall by Stephan Pollington

Everything on this list, with the exception of The Germanization of early Medieval Christianity and The Mead Hall are under $25 and readily available

FURTHER READING may cost more then $25
*Lady With A Mead Cup by Michael Enright
*Honour, Exchange and Violence in Beowulf by Peter Baker
*Religion of the Northmen by Rudolph Keyser
*Heimskringla by Snorri Sturlason
*Of Ghosts and Godpoles by Thorbeorht Linleah
and the list goes on and on

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Anyone ever heard of or have any opinions on this:

Please don't disregard just because the name or picture.

Because another post made me think of it, I'd like to ask about Asatru apologetics. I realize there isn't an attempt to try and convince someone but what about defence of your belief?

For example, an atheist starts in on you about how you're irrational because of your beliefs etc. How would you go about defending your beliefs to this person (not that the person is deserving of an explanation or anything.)

Could have asked this somewhere before but if you have a jerk of a family member are they still supposed to be considered kin.

For example, an emotionally or physically abusive parent. How does marriage fall into the whole "kin" concept? What would the gods, in your opinion, think of any of this?

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Greetings from Northeastern US! I just joined the community and I thought it would be nice to tell a bit about myself. I was raised in a strict christian household, which I questioned profusely and then rejected at the age of twelve. I spent years just thinking that all forms of faith were a waste of time. By the time I was 18 and on my own, I began spending the majority of my time in the forest, hunting, fishing, building dwellings from scratch and spending quiet moments contemplating my future. It was that time away from the trappings of the mundane that caused me to start to feel the world around me, rather than just existing in it. I started to feel that there was more than just nothingness, that there were powers at work all around me. I started to read and study my ancestry, When I discovered the Elder Futhark runes, I became enthralled. I read every bit of knowledge I could find on the old ways of the Norse that I could find. Everything I learned felt so natural and right, and it still does. That's my story in short. The photo is of the rune set I made recently. 

Hey parents.. Once a month my kids do letter day and had the idea of starting a pen pal ring. All ages and writing levels are welcome. If you/your kids or someone you know is interested shoot me a message with names, ages, genders (identity), writing level, and mailing address. I'll write up a master list and mail it to all parents so everyone can write to each other.

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The rune stone is raised over Ingvar the Vittfarne brother Harald memory.
the runes says
"Tóla had this stone raised in memory of her son Haraldr, Ingvarr's brother. They travelled valiantly far for gold, and in the east gave (food) to the eagle. (They) died in the south in Serkland." (the Middle East)
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